Caged – short story

That morning was an ominous start to the day. She was crying in bed.

Normally we wake up in the morning and I make coffee and we read

newspaper in bed.

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~ by tia on June 27, 2007.

5 Responses to “Caged – short story”

  1. WTF?????

    Time to get a hobby ammaachiiii.

    You write these dark stories, lighten up, sheesh. People dying, talkin trees, wtf. Old age is gettin to ya!!!!!

  2. ouch..must be havin a tough time..hang in there girl!!:) this too..shall pass….it better!

  3. *blah
    well do u want a sickly romantic love story???well i do write those too remember??hee hee…

    PMS, i tell ya, PMS! i blame it all on PMS 🙂
    Brings out the worst in me…

  4. hey doncha gimme the scares like this!! PMS can’t be this bad…

  5. *sam
    hee hee…actually it can be that bad if the person has a serious hormonal imbalance…

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