Nila Kaigirathe

I was just sitting and humming the song Nila Kaigarathu…i sang upto the second line and stopped…cos i couldnt remember the rest. Also i was sitting and talking to my friend about arvind swamy (sigh hes so cute) and how i saw him in an elevator in bangalore.

And then the song kept playing in my head. its from a movie that flopped called Indira. One of the first few movies A R Rahman has created tunes for the songs are amazing. This song in particular is reminiscent of the days i went for bharathanatyam classes. i wish i could dance again. Learnt bharathanatyam for more than two years. And thats why even though i am slightly over weight i can still dance pretty well…that is when im not shy! Sigh if only i had learnt classical singing. I cant take a high pitch.

But this is the song i love:

Another song i absolutely love is Unnodu Vaarhadhe from Amarkalam:

Its such a simple yet dreamy tune!

This song has absolutely haunted me…it has a haunting tune. Its from the mal version of Othello called Kaliyattam. A brilliant and under rated must watch movie. Very noir. Beats even Omkara, anyday. Suresh Gopi for once has done an awesome job of portraying a jealous lover and Manju warrier the innocent love. A very haunting song that goes: “why are you angry with me” uh the rest i cant translate! but amazing….

goes something like this:

nnodenthinee pinakkam innumenthinanennodu paribhavam..(2)
Oru paadu naalay kaathirippoo ninne oru nokku kaanuvaan maatram
Chandana thennalum poonilavum ente karalinte nombaram cholleelle ( Ennodenth)

Maikkannezhuthi orungiyille..innum vaalkkannadi nokkiyille
Kasthoori manjal kuriyaninjo kannil kaarthika deepam thelinjo
Ponkinaavin oonjalil enthe nee maatramaadan vanilla ( Ennodenth)

Kaalperumaattam kettal ennum padippurayolam chellum
Kaalthalakilukkam kaathorkkum aa viliyonnu kelkkan kothikkum
Kadvathu thoni kandeella enthe enee nee kaanan vanilla (Ennodenthi)

p.s: got a bad ver of the song. if anyone knows wher to download the original yesudas/bhavana ver, mail me or leave me a comment.


~ by tia on June 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Nila Kaigirathe”

  1. hey good song… no idea about the first one.. though the second one is good … i also like some other songs in this flick.. a real ‘nadan’ kinda music…

  2. *varun
    hmmm yeah…but liked the production values of the movie….
    love nila kaigirathe the best tho πŸ™‚

  3. ayyo i love this nila kagiradhu song so much!!!! i heard it first wen a frnd sang it for some competition and like it so much tht i mugged up the words in record time..:-) though ive watched indira several times i had always missed this song! nice to see the clip finally!
    the second video ka song also was real nice..:) but the third idea..u seem to keep track of mal films not as good in my knowlede of them πŸ™‚

  4. *Di
    Well these r songs whose tunes kept haunting me (literally!) so landed up researching on them. Hmm i do watch offbeat mal movies, cos they are the best. Don’t like commercial ones tho…i shall once criticise them πŸ™‚
    will mail ya πŸ™‚

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