well i was bored and i came across one of those tests…the online blog ones called Quizilla

And well i took this test called What kind of flirt are you?

And well the results were…weird…

“Demure Flirt!

Who can resist your subtle yet seuctive charms? You have mastered the fine art of flirting to such a degree that all you need to do is sit there and look pretty and mysterious and THEY come to YOU.

Beware: Only to be used by the masters of flirtation – most others won’t get anything accomplished this way.

Demure flirt!”


And the next thing was What inner color are you?

And i turned out to be Blue



~ by tia on June 22, 2007.

10 Responses to “Blue”

  1. hmmm………. demure flirt and fav color blue?? luks lyk hafta test u out!! 😉

  2. *sam
    I only test people dont get tested 😉

  3. uh huh!! crossing swords with me on such matters has never been a wise decision for any lady!! i can warn so much… rest ma’am is your own free will….

  4. *sam
    ah hmm…dont say i didn warn u:I am a dangerous woman to mess with..

  5. and am an interesting man to deal wid!!! r u game enuf??

  6. *sam
    I need to do a recon before i commit to anything..can you handle it??

  7. yes ma’am!! I can… it’s your call!! 🙂
    All the way!!

  8. *sam
    i think the ball is in your court….
    all the way??could you be more specific?? 😀

  9. ball in my court?? ma’am am ever waiting for your divine eyes to dart my way…. so that your glance should they be captured by my presence never escape my grasp ever!!

  10. *sam
    nice!good one…
    now that you my glance has been captured by your Mighty presence….?

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