@*!&in blah

Time: 00:00

 Its photography exam tomro n im in no mood to study…I jus moved to the dining room cos my brother jus won lemme study in the room.

Im so beyond tired that even a red bull cant save me now. I got so bloody bored decided to take pictures of me in different stages of woe and physical jadedness….is ther something like physical jadedness?I don’t think I care rite now…

Aaaw my finger puppet’s smile is fading…ive been drawing finger puppets cos im  jus bloody bored outta my mind…


Bloody hell I smell like a bloody fruit. I jus saw the old tube of fair and lovely skin clarity lying around. I had bought it a year ago in all enthusiasm to fade the spots on my skin….and then my skin had an outbreak of acne so bad I was left disfigured for months..apparenllty my nervous system was so weak it couldn fight a  few acne causing bactreria….

So yeah since my hands are tanned bcos of the bloody 16 k ride from this god-forsaken place to the city decided to use the fair n lovely jus goin to waste and now I smell like a bloody fruit…maybe I would jus get carried off by some bees or something…not that I could care less…Im too tired rite now to care…

Aaargh @!&# flash sync speed…

I am bored with life and exams and every other shit…I need a new kill…the old one ran away…darn it…need something to excite me…everything is so @*&%in blah…

check out the pics here


~ by tia on June 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “@*!&in blah”

  1. Jeez, I know I have this effect on women, but you gotta keep using my name eh? 😀

    With how slow you drive, I can understand how you get tanned on a 16KM ride, 😀

  2. *blah
    and there ARE traffic jams here? thus it takes time?

  3. hmmm…………..

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