Culinary encounter of the third kind

Ok ok blah…I know ull b amused bout this one…


Well my parents had gone to Andhra-some-place and well I had decided to cook for my bro and me. See I can cook rice, dal and sabji…but I need the rotimaker for a perfect chapatti. Well I couldn’t find it and wen I kneaded the dough I mighta added a bit more water than necessary. The result: sticky doh! Well don’t ask..i couldn’t well roll them out cos they kept getting stuck. And well I was doing pilates wen I was boiling the potato and capsicum (bell-peppers) for the sabji…and so well it kinda, u kno, over cooked and got all pasty!lol…

And the chapattis were longish cos I had taken too less dough and I couldn’t get it to stretch sideways. And the sabji had a bit too much jeera….which were the least of its problems. Well see one thing I learnt: you gotta concentrate wen cooking!!

And also it would help if I could get my Bf/future husband (if ther is gonna b any) to cook for me….

Check out the pics of the chapatti and sabji I made on flickr…I kno the sabji looks nice (and smelt nice too) but I don’t think it tasted good…




~ by tia on June 21, 2007.

7 Responses to “Culinary encounter of the third kind”


    So I was right all along, hahahahahahahaha *evil laugh*

  2. the sabjhi lukd oke… the chapati… err.. no comments!! try again girl…. learn from the story of king brutus of scotland!! 😛

  3. *Blah
    No you werent :l

    nah ill jus marry a chef…or marry a guy who is rich enof to hire one 😛

  4. hmmm….. well, to be honest, first time in my life saw a babe who makes a chapati worse than i do…. 😛

  5. *sam
    ha ha ha…well i am not your typical woman…and thats such a sexist statement, women=cookin men=hunting/working

  6. all the best on findin a chef..ive been searchin for forever!! 😀 😀

  7. *di
    hee hee….hmm i do prefer the option of findin a rich guy who can hire one better!!

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