No i am not talking bout you blah! But i am talking about how i am gonna do the toughest thing ever…be off the net for the next two weeks!OMG!

I have exams till 22 😦 wish me luck cos i have no notes!lol…

So here goes, tah tah till 22…


~ by tia on June 9, 2007.

6 Responses to “Blah!”

  1. no notes??? don’t worry. make dem…….. else get em xeroxed!! 😀
    and, best of luck for ur papers!!

  2. *gasps*
    *hard to breathe*

    Can I believe what I’m seeing? The Sush-meister (ok, Sushamaachiiii if you want to question that, lol) not on the net for 2 weeks? Aaaaah.

    In related news, the wall street journal is reporting that such sites as Mallu5, friendster, myspace, hi5, knitting instructions websites, radioverve, and rainpics are losing much stock value as their expetected website hits have taken a huge hit with this shocking announcement. Many experts believe this could be the start of the end for the internet as we know it, and many market experts are holding their breath as to any more announcements.

    So never took notes in class eh? And u accuse Meeeeeee (Yes ladies the great MEEEE) of not paying attention in class? *shakes head*

    You know what I wanted to do, I wanted to make you respond. I know you will probably log on (with ur self appointed breaks) and check up on this site, but not respond, so I was thinking of ways to make you respond. Its late at night, so I can’t think of any right now, but wait with anticipation ok.

    Good luck on the exams, you can always woo the smart nerd in front of you (Sorry, if you are the smart nerd in front of her reading this blog, I mean no offense by that, :D), to give you answers, :D,

    All kiddin aside, good luck.

  3. roflmao!!!
    well said………

  4. *sam
    doing just that!

    oh god!oooof!well the nerd in front of me is well…me!! i have enough IQ to BS in all my papers 🙂
    Miss u da…. 😦

  5. *blah
    and what are YOU doing online? shouldnt u be studyin too?? Boy get to work…NOW!

  6. Don’t you wish something big happened on the net, just to make you jealous? I do. I wish like Mallu 5 or Friendster gave away a million dollars to every visitor they had this week or something, just for you to go “Nooooooooooo”, 😀

    So wait, you finally admit your a nerd now? DING DING DING, we have a confession boys, 😀

    I am studying, its just that every time I open the book, it gets depressing, like wtf, who’s the idiot that made this subject.

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