Radio Verve Revamped!

In other news: The new verve site is up!Radio verve has revamped its website and all the channels are up! they have added gospel, indian classical, konkani, rock, metal, easy and folk (coming soon!) channels…. the website has a basic black and grey background and the design, wow, blew my mind. You have to agree apart from the design these guys have picked good music to be played… i initially dreaded playing the indian classical channel cos i used to only listen to yesudas and bombay sisters..and few others, but what was being played was good!

The gospel channel: oh the songs, awesome!

And thank god for the schedule, we atleast now kno what we are listening to… Though i think there has to be an explanation of what these programmes are to people who are new to the site… For example: what is VerVe Radmonizer?? What is played on that show?

Must admit at the beginning i felt there was a clash between the serious look of the station, that the colour of the site seemed to portray and the style of the content that seemed easy-going….but the faq section and other sections seemed to make me wonder, could they actually pull off a good show with this conflict still present?

Also, the buffering seems to take a long time, a problem which the old player didnt seem to have.

And i think i just heard a promo stop abruptly, and music start abruptly. I have to be fair, the website has been up only 15 hours, premiered last night at 9:50, i believe….

And to be frank, they need to get more Rj’s (i know Mr. Vaz has a huge fan following…settle down already!) but i think one per channel would be a good idea, cos now it feels like one teacher taking all the classes….

And Mr. Vaz is there *going* to be a Mallu music channel?  or channels of other languages? cos i do believe mallu rock, rocks!lol….

Go ahead listen to it, cos i still believe these guys rock:

Radio VerVe

P.s: I am gonna overlook the exclamation mark :-/ hee hee….


~ by tia on June 1, 2007.

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