Mal connectivity!

We decided to check out this place called Kayal…Not khayal as i originally pronounced it as, but Kaayal, which means ‘beach’ (actually backwaters, mum translated it wrong!) in mal. Its this innocuous little restaurant on the first floor on jeevan bhima nagar road, opposite Mirinda School. The ambience is amazing. It reeks of all good things mallu: coconuts, Ravi Varma paintings and the famous brass vessel (also called uruli). There are  palm decorations with paintings of  elephants and Kathakali dancers and little wooden snake boats. The menu card has pictures of the backwaters and of kathakali dancers.

And the food…omg the food! amazing! and so authentic! The puttu was so soft. The kadala curry typical palakkad style and not the thick spicy thiruvananthapuram style. I cant stop raving about this place!

Well my dad chatted up with the manager dude and figured out that the owner is from Alathur, palakkad. well they called the owner and somehow they figured that my great uncle (mum’s uncle) was this guy’s principal! And has taught him..geez!and then also my dad and this guys dad are from the same place. After exchaging family tree details and figuring common friends my parents let him go…lol…

But thats the best thig about Mallu conectivity…the first thing two mallus would do when they meet up is exchnage details about wher in Kerala they are…and then of course you have a walking-talking-living orkut happening, with one going: oh do you puthanachery soman or chengansherry raman or something like that…and somehow, just somehow all mals are related to each other atleast by marriage! somebodys aunts brother’s wife’s son’s wife’s uncle’s brother-in-law’s sister-in-law is ________ . Shee!  Mals….

We beat the best online connectivity i think! We are the best networked community!!lol…


~ by tia on June 1, 2007.

8 Responses to “Mal connectivity!”

  1. u bet…mal connectivity is the best..let us figure out our relationship too..are u the thamburati of palakkad…;)

  2. :d :d lol!! cant help it yaar.. 😉 orkut just copied r ideas !

  3. *pp
    Yes i am, i believe! hee hee…and you are? I am HRH Tia from Kartanad!lol…

    i kno!!and they havent even attributed the idea to us! sue them i say!lol..

  4. hey great… cnt wait to check out this place.. which area is this in??? .. and regarding the connectivity thing.. i bet mallu’s are greatly networked… last year i came to know a mallu friend of mine is actually my relative… in some long long uncle aunty relation 🙂 …

  5. *Varun
    Tol ya!!hee hee..
    Its in indiranagar…in a place called jeevenbhimanagar main road..opposite mirinda school…

  6. 😮

  7. Where was all these restraunt reviews when I was there? Huh? huh? huuuh? Poor me had to eat weird ass omlets and toast that wasn’t well TOASTED, while I was there.

    Yeah, there is always some kinda mallu connection. Usually starts off with the family, then school, then Oh yeah, does he work there now? He’s my cousin. Then leads to some gossip, and how someone’s wife/husband is either really nice or mean. In the end, they all fight to pay the bill.

  8. *blah
    hey im not even sure you came…besides, you came with a chaperone…so i left it to them to entertain you…lol
    Hee hee…thats so true!

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