Drivin crazy!

I have started goin for driving classes..i am learning driving in an accent…and my bro is making fun of me 😦

when i told him the instructor asked me to get a pillow cos i was too short he started laughing! waaah 😦

But i did have a good first day, accelerated nicely, turned nicely……

Now i jus had a session of teasing from my brother. He asked me whether i carried my periscope, else i wouldn b able to clear properly!oooof! and the next scenario was me like puss in boots wit suction cups holding the steering with my hands and legs…oof! or like a hamster everytime i need to turn the car id hav to run on the steering in one direction…..ooof! and of course theres the famous likening to the penguins in madagascar!ooof!

no i didn run over anybody but gripped the steering wheel tight! lol….and everytime i turned the car it was like i was trying to turn a ship…darn it im so used to riding a bike…dad taught me driving and he taught me how to start wen it is in gear whereas he taught me how to start in neutral…i just hope i am intelligent enuf to pick up on driving skills :-/

i always figured id learn driving from my life partner…that would b the most romantic thing dont you think so?

Actually that way, the most mundane things can be fun if you do it with the right person…and people i have been with have vouched for that. So all you people, make things (work) fun by doing it with your lifepartner or bf/gf….its fun trust me!


~ by tia on May 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “Drivin crazy!”

  1. Yeah right, so when you free next for a private driving lesson?? Lolzzz

  2. hmmm… hey tell me on which roads are you learning … dnt worry da.. will not come and make fun of you… i just wanted to be on the safer side… will not pass by the road untill you learn driving! :)… kidding! jokes apart.. i do understand.. learning anything from your partner would be the most romantic stuff to do… but… m sure the turn around time would increase… agree!! ??

  3. HAhahaahah, I’m loving your bro, great guy great guy, wah wah wah. :D. Hahaha I loved the hampster one especially, ahahaha.

    How is it hard to turn? Isn’t it power steering?

    Learning driving from a loved one is probably the last thing you want to do, because its all screaming and yelling. Everytime you make a mistake, ur loved one goes nuts, I’d say its a love depleter than a love enhancer.

    But besides, that tell your bro to keep it up, πŸ˜€

  4. how do u learn driving in an accent…i know u can speak in one…khi khi…loved ur bro’s comments..keep posting..m sure there will be more on ur driving skils..[:D]…btw do u use those high heeled shoes to get to the gas pedal n the brakes….khi khi

  5. *some random guy
    I dont take classes from random guys!

    ooof!u guys!i can drive well!hmm true yet it wud b fun!

    it is power steering yet i don let go and let it come to the upright position….hmm i don think so, i stil fig it wud b fun!
    oooof! u guys!

    i giv up!u learn driving in a Hyundai Accent!
    yes i believe i will post more on my bros comments on my driving skills, for the plasure of all the guys!oof! and no i dont need heels…

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