Guess wat?

Guess wat, guess wat, guess wat??

I went shoppin to heal my soul! well ive been quite bruised and battered by this week…and decided that i need some books to read. See as far as reading goes this is how it is with me: i read a lot, voracious one i am…and ther r times wen i feel deficient if i havent read a book in 6 months…like a vitamin deficiency…

So i bugged my bro and took him to the new crossword in Indrngr….and bought the inscrutable americans (always wanted a copy of that), P G wodehouse – Jeeves book (thank you jeeves i think), Phantom of the Opera (Someday ill watch the Broadway Version in Broadway, New York…. *sigh*) and Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham…Now the dilemma….which book do i start with???

I wanted to buy Vanity Fair, scarlett letter, scarlett pimpernel, Uncle toms cabin and Moll flanders apart from Lemony snickets…..But they didn hav Vanity Fair, can u believe!! I also wanted to buy the Anne of Green Gables series….

I want, I want Vanity Fair!!

In humour my favourites have been Erma brombeck, P G wodehouse, Dave Barry and Anurag Mathur…

Oh i do love books….i do sometimes feel like that heroine in a Georgette Hayerbook where the heroine is a voracious reader…and the Guy of course owns the library and they love the same books and then of course thers a renderzvous in the library..yada yada yada… *mmmhm*

P.s: *mmhm* = giggle (trust me if u hav met me thats how my giggle sounds!)

Kinda promised my bro i wouldn drink if he bought me the latest Harry Potter….lets c how that goes!


~ by tia on May 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Guess wat?”

  1. bookworm now are we???
    god to see ur choices…. btw, have u tried out Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier??
    Been searching for that book, yet to get a copy of dat… read it long ago in my school library!!
    btw, u might start wid anurag mathur….. the book is a treat…. and let jeeves be for some lazy sunday afternoon… wen u really wanna read and chuckle quietly to urself.. dats wot i’d do!!

  2. *sam
    tol ya!Oh yes i hav read that, an amazing book! if you get your hands on a copy of the movie watch it too…its by alfred hitchcock..a pretty good adaptation…
    Have read that before…readin it again 🙂
    Hmm i jus cant wait to get at Wodehouses book…

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