Waitin for

I am waitin for two things….(call me a geek yet..)

1. Shrek 3!!!!

i love him! i love puss in boots..hes sooo adorable!!Puss in boots

2. Harry potter and deathly Hallows…..

Im dyin to pre-order! been after my bro to get me the book 😦

Anybody generous n wanna gift me a pre ordered copy?? hee hee….

Im dyin to get my hands on it..ive always been able to get so involved in a harry potter…esp a new one…its an awesome moment for me wen i lay my hands on the new one…its a moment of excitement…(now i kno how the star wars fans feel lol!)

I want it, i want it, i want it!

Harry potter

I do love reading…my heaven is a book store and a music store…in that order…. i do go crazy in a bookstore..


~ by tia on May 24, 2007.

7 Responses to “Waitin for”

  1. dunno abt shrek 3, but i too looking forward to HP 7 – the deathly gallows!!
    Been hooked to it since I read the chamber of secrets…. have read and re-read them right thru my college days!! 🙂

  2. HP7. I’m holding onto my seat right now. 55 more days or something left only right?

  3. he he..kiddo!!! :D:D

  4. *sam
    i kno…love em all! bro said i could preorder a copy!!yaaaay!!

    yeah!july 22 rite?

    hee hee..look whos talkin!!:D

  5. It is? Wow. Would make an excellent birthday gift to myself!

  6. Okkkkkkkkkkk

    I think Harry Potter sucks, I really don’t get what so many people like about it. I know that once its famous, more people than not just like it because its popular, but to me its a glorified kids book. I dunno maybe I’m in the minority, but I never found the charm about the book or the movies.

    I do like Shrek though, but mainly because its funny.

  7. *Rahul
    right!that is if im ready to part with it!

    It is better than a terry pratchet or eragon or somethin: a complete fantasy..i believe HP is rooted in reality thus making it more believeable..Don dis it before, u read it…
    Love shrek! esp puss in boots…”for you i would be”

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