Something stupid

The time is right
Your perfume fills my head
The stars get red
And oh the night’s so blue
And then I go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid
Like I love you

– Something stupid, Robbie Williams

Never did i ever in my life i think that song would make sense to me…that i would relate to it…and that something like that could ever happen…but it did!i mean considering its me its not surprising!i mean i do have a severe case of impulsiveness and Verbal diorreahea (darn it!i seem to b living bridget jones life!!hi, i am miss jones…)


This day started real bad…i started with a fite wit the team leader…totally ruinedmy morning…jus got so bloody pissed off decided on an impulse to go to my other best friends place…and 2 hrs later i was there! she has this house which is a farm in itself…complete with poultry…

We sat n chatted…she n her sis r a lot of fun to talk to… we then went for lunch…

She decided to mess with my mind and tol me wat i was eatin (durin lunch) was pigeon meat! oooof! she then gave me a tour of the farm and i took pics…i regretted not carryin my SLR, but took some on my phone which came horribly bcos of excess sunlight (at 2 in the afternoon!)

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After the tour, we jus felt so sleepy bcos of the heat we dozed off! we were discussin somethin n then fell silent, cos v had slept off….it was such moment of good and bad, good cos i was havin fun and bad cos…well ther were certain things i remembered of yday…and i needed a smoke…well my friend got so pissed (cos she believes she is my older sis, pah!) and chucked my cig pack onto the ledge above her bed…which is high…i think that was the moment i died a bit…!

I was so shocked! a whole friggin pack…. 😦 i stood up on her bed n tried to reach for it n me bein short..5’2″ i believe…couldn reach ir 😦 a whole pack 😦

how the hell will i survive..i mean i had kicked the habit, but the pack assured me that in case i was stressed out or feelin down it wud b ther to well..heal me…

And then it was time to get back..her mum sent some amazing organically grown bananas..very tasty!

Well the bus ride back was whole different scenario, as soon as i got off the bus, i saw the St. Marys Basilica illuminated n couldn resist takin a pic…and i was welcomed in shivajinagar bus stand with a guy feelin my ass up…

And finally wen the stupid bus i came i sat in the unreserved seat…and this b*****d sittin next to me, used his elbow to feel me up…i got so pissed i put my elbow out to stop his elbow…and i didn wanna get up cos: y the hell shud i? i then moved away and realised he was readin a marie claire n lookin at some pics of ladies…halfway thru the journey i realised i was sittin almost at the edge of the seat…i immediately msgd a friend n asked him to call, which he didn tyvm…but thankfully by then i got another seat….

For chrissake, if u r so f****in desperate get married n feel up ur wife!!instead of feelin up strangers….

And second my face is not six inches below my is IN my head! In my friend ash’s words: ‘i am well endowed’ but i think i’d feel better if u looked at my face…even though its not pretty….


~ by tia on May 19, 2007.

16 Responses to “Something stupid”

  1. Wait wait, the Yankee game is on, so click really anxiouslly to see my comment, and read…

    I’ll comment later, 😀

  2. Getting married just to be able to feel up a woman would be something along the lines of using a thermonuclear weapon to kill a fire ant.

    A bit excessive, I’d say.

  3. *blah

    but think bout it, the end result is u wudve killed the fire ant…n guess wat u can kill more than one fire ant with such weapons 🙂

  4. ok…… now whole friggin deal abt throwing teh smokes up onto teh ledger is a bit too much!! its a crime…. I’d have yelled bloody murder!!
    as for those craps on teh bus….. why don’t u dare to return dem the compliment and then make dem howl in pain!! sure won’t repeat dat again!! think abt it?? tit for tat!!

  5. *sam
    Oh heart stopped for a moment…i was in shcok i believe…
    well i wasn sure it was not a mistake…but the next step of course was arming myself with the blade i carry…
    yeah to all the men out ther, i am armed!!lol….

  6. lmao………
    will u just lemme know abt ur movements might as well warn teh unsuspecting male population around!! 😛

  7. *sam
    lol will do..u can send a wire to everybody!!lol…

  8. @tia: True. I mean well, you get someone to grope up of course but along with that you get clean clothes, cooked food, swept floor, et al too! What else can a man want, right?

  9. *rahul
    well its a barter my dear…its not like u don get something good…
    and wat men want…if they had their way theyd want everything without strings attached!

  10. @tia: Generalizations? Can be wrong, even in such a widely accepted one as this. Sometimes its the women who don’t want the strings while the mein are left standing in the rain, holding a rose in their hand wondering what the fuck happened.

  11. *rahul
    ah hurt lover eh??
    trust me standin at end of the tunnel watchin the train come at me rite now…i am at that aftermath point…and u hav no idea how scary a relationship wit a guy now to me is…

  12. but den lady, it does happen….. and trust me it happens both ways!!
    u r left in teh rain, while the other one happily walks away into teh sunset!!
    so u go around being scared??
    bad outlook…. chin up!! u’ve just had a bad day….. der’s always a next time!!
    blv in teh phoenix!!

  13. @tia: Didn’t say I was that guy. I don’t believe in standing in the rain with roses. I have seen enough though and yeah, at a time in my life, it has happened to me too but that’s ancient history.

    If its scary then don’t have a relationship. Always get into only what you have it in you to handle getting out of. General rule that helps everywhere.

  14. *Rahul
    hmm yeah let byones be bygones…but learn lessons from em…
    Hmm c thats the approach-avoidance in seems nice yet scary at the same time…kno wat i mean…

  15. *sam
    aaaw thank u sam thats so sweet 🙂
    hmm yeah need all the strength i can muster….

  16. What you’re assuming is that I am saying that if gauge if you can get out of it, and if you can’t, then don’t get out of it.

    What I’m saying is, gauge if you can get out of it, if you can’t, make yourself stronger so you can.

    Hence, yeah, so you do get to do something that’s scary but something you might really want, the idea is to always have the strength to pull out with nothing touched.

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