It was the worst of times

Just when you think there is hope and world could actually get peaceful due to development, humanity takes two steps backwards…

I jus saw a CNN feature on Iraq and one scene really touched me. A lady comes to the local clinic to claim her dear ones body (apparently she doesn kno hes dead yet) and then the horror and the shock in her face……the tears and the feelin of loss as well as the feelin of inablility to face some thing like the possibility of death of a dear one…

It reminded me of a video my friend mona had shown me…a video of a boy being slaughtered by maoists…and it wasn thru one swift cut but….my hands are actually shakin a bit!and the audio adds to the graphical nature of the video bcos his throat is not fully slit n hes trying to breathe…and that sound will haunt me as long as i live….

Related to this is how courageous the armed forces are…they aren paid well yet they stand up and kill another human beings which goes against one of the basic instincts of a civlised human being. They know they might not get home alive and if caught could go through torture (whos paying attention to the geneva convention anyway?)

All we see is violence…and wars…wars for oil….and in future a war for water….maoists, ULFA and other organisations in the North east (which is one of the most beautiful places ever), Naxalites in AP and Karnataka, Insurgency in Kashmir,Rajasthan and Gujurat, LTTE in TN,  Political violence in Kerala, Mafia in maharashtra…..

But kno wat is the greatest thing about our generation? We are a selfish and immune generation. We were born with the immunity and the ability to look away when something terrible happens. We are also cowards. We are romantics, we know how the worlds should be but do not have the gumpation (esp Indians) to stand up and say hey stop doing that…..this could be justified by saying there are so many things going wrong, where do we start? how can one person stand against the machinery? or give reasons like: I am a woman thus i have to abide by what my family says and cannot fight the machinery…or i have kids to protect…or i have a good job and i am an IIT-IIM alumni so i cannot stand against the machinery…i am poor…i am a married man….

so many reasons…

What can I do now? do what i have done the past 23 years….look away.

Why? because i have no hope for this world…because i am selfish…because i feel helpless due to circumstances apart from the fact that the machine is bigger than something i can fight….

What would the others do?

Rage against the machine


~ by tia on May 13, 2007.

5 Responses to “It was the worst of times”

  1. OK, since no one leaves comments here anymore, I’ll stand up, lol.

    First of all, why would you want to watch a video like that? I mean, its pretty common knowledge whats going to happen, so what was the whole point in watching it?

    Ok, sit down, and I want you to take a deep breath, because I’m going to be serious here:

    People do stand up, yet they get discriminated against, or people get selfish.

    Look at America in this war against terror. You know what, they helped NUMEROUS countries with the war on terror including India, but you go ask 90% of the world, and they’ll be villified for this war. People don’t really have a sense of sympathy until something happens directly to them. Ask any one of the people affected by the attacks on the World Trade Center, and they are all for this war. So why is America split on this war? Money. Iraq had oil, and that was our reward, but it has unrefined oil, where it would cost us more to refine it than to just buy it from the Arab countries, so its killing the economy. And yes, soldiers dying too. And the usual politcs. But other countries turn against it because of selfish reasons, and the fear of being targeted. They don’t have a problem with terrorists doing what they do, but they have a problem with terrorists doing what they do to THEM.

    But people have no problem with terrorists who blow up innocent people in markets, homes, shops, and anywhere they choose to. They do the (what I call) mallu treatment, which is to hope that if you ignore it long enough, it will go away.

    People will Ignore as long as it helps them, and its a sad truth. America probably helped out the world by fighting this war on terror but it will be shunned upon as an act of tyranny.

    Oh well!!!

    Ok, end seriousness:

    Wow, what happened to the comments here? Huh? huh? huh?

  2. *blah
    oh come on!u have got to be kidding me!who the hell gives america the right to decide wat is right and wat is wrong?
    Yeah we screamed our guts out bout terrorism in Kashmir, and wat did the US do? support the country that supports the the terrorist groups…and when did they wake up to reality (and the fact that wat goes around comes around) were the WTC attacks. They are fightin the people they supported in the 80s and 90s.When you play with a snake u r bound to get bitten too and thats wat happened.
    and excuse me we hav had marginally better help from the US during and after the war on terror…we still dont c US doing anything about cross border terrorism in kashmir…US is aware of wat countries like Pak, China, korea, etc are doing but is not doing anythin bout it…wher they need to make a stand they dont, where they r not needed they r nosy…
    so ther!

  3. Its a matter of politics though.

    We HAD to help Pakistan, because we needed their air bases for the war on Afghanistan. At that point, Afghanistan and the Taliban were of greater concern to the US, than the terrorist activities of Pakistan in India.

    Yes, the world needs someone to police the countries around, and keep them in order. If America, Britan, or whatever great power had more of an active role in Internation politics, Hitler never would have happened. When you ignore a country with dangerous potential, it essentially will hurt the world. The whole thing about nuclear weapons being limited was drafted so the WRONG person doesn;t get to use it. And you and me know, for every good person, there is atleast 3 whackos in the world. Yes, India may not abuse it, or atleast hope so, but some other country might. What if Pakistan took an atom bomb and sent it to India? I know, obviously there would be retaliation and all, but at the cost of millions and millions of lives. See how there is new found tension, just because of the weaponary? Thats what the whole limit on atomic bombs was about, so that one of these tensions doesn’t have the opportunity to escalate into reality. Much like the studies that suggest, that you are more likely to get involved ina viloent situation if you are carrying a dangerous weapon.

    What did America do to deserve the WTC attacks? Yes, maybe the moral standards of the citizens here are not exactly great, but that still doesn’t warrant an attack or violence. Would that justify say American women going and killing Arab men, for treating women as mere property? Yes, America helped the Taliban in the Afghanistan war, but at the time they had no clue they were connected to terrorists. If America helped India in Kashmir with weapons, and corrupt officers turned over these weapons to terrorist groups, would you feel the same?

    Like that dreaded teacher in 3rd grade, who was overly strict, and never was fun, it may seem that she was a bitch, but in the long run, she helped out your life a lot more than you think.

    Again, u say US is not doing anything about Pakistan, India, China,etc. Where do we start? We’re dammed as a nosy country if we go into Afghanistan. Damnned as nosy if we go into Iraq. Dammed as nosy if we go into Iran. So what difference would it make, if those countries were Pakistan, China, etc? Would it be more acceptable, if US took actions against countries that were in direct oppossition to India?

    People have no problem that Saddam Hussein killed and tortured thousands and thousands of people, but have a problem when America intervined? I agree the course of action in which America got involved and their plans afterwards can be questionable, but you can’t tell me that country didn’t need help at the time. The problem was that America failed to set up a sound democracy there, and it ensued more fighting, which makes America look bad.

    Isolation from America. Britain, and other world powers led directly to 2 straight world wars. Radical dictators, idiots, and mentally dangerous people got power, and we lost countless lives around the world for it. It may not be popular around the world, but the world obviously needs some kinda of police work, since the UN is powerless at this point.

  4. 1.since u needed pak bases u were ready to support them, thus bein typical america = bein selfish

    2.wat if america itself turns out to be hitler?

    3. dangerous potential: the country is tryin to protect itself…its one lunatic state against another…none of the nations (cept india) r sittin down n thinkin rationally..everynation seems to be eccentric n wat they do..

    4. that is ridiculous! u arm urself if u an enemy who is armed too..this ain philosophy but reality…if ther is pre-exisiting tension not arming urself would not bring down the tension…

    5.wat didn america do to deserve the WTC? did they jus shut up and not involve in a states personal matter? if they r so humanitarian bound y is it that they do nothing bout africa…they can end the ethnic cleansing in africa with just one round of war…but no they aren interested cos ther is no oil ther…instead the american idol and Oprah Winfrey raise funds to rehabilitate the africans.

    4. you have the best intelligence after the mossad and ISI and yet you dont kno that the taliban are terrorists? what kind of intelligence thoughtprocess do u hav and risk management do u guys do if u didn c THAT comin! (that the taliban are likely to use power to back their religious beliefs??)

    5. see the chances of that happening in india is minimal…we dont sponsor cross border terrorism..period.
    so think bout this: u have one nation that sponsors cross border terrorism and religious fundamentalists and another a supposeldy secular democracy that makes and so far has made sensible and rational decisions…whom wud u giv weapons to?

    6. where the hell does she get the authority to EVEN be the 3rd grade teacher? and don ever tell me shes a saint…she wouldn start a war without any benefit..shes not a humanitarian..

    7. all we are sayin is end terrorism where there IS terrorism, not where ther isnt any…this isn a CIA exercise of creating enemies to justify a war…
    and this has been americas technique: attack the smaller country..they do not have the guts to attack china or pak..cos u try to do anything in pak and the next day im sure one part of US would b under water…
    (and wat kinda intelligence cant find Osama!!i think i jus heard the mossad and the ISI laugh..)

    8. ok lets look at this differently, how has the US presence made things any better in iraq? now if u asked how the US presence in iraq has helped america, im sure the answer to that would b numerous..
    and the thousands of torture: r u tellin me such things dont happen in a democracy like the US and India? wher ur own country attacks u? and how sure r u the no is thousands?

    9. i agree the UN is becoming irrelevant (and one reason is because of the US presence), but observing the evets of the past decade i dont think US is the right policing authority considering every policing move done by the US has a selfish motive.

  5. 1. Well we had to fight terrorism, right? Or was the world better off with AlQuaida killing innocent people around the world, right? I mean, even if AlQuaida might sponser attacks in India, it still might just be selfish on America’s part, right? Had America asked India for the help, and then would you be happy? Obviously America needed a base to go after Bil Laden, and no other country had better strategic bases than Pakistan. What do you want us to do there? Sit there and say “hmmm we don’t really want to help Pakistan, so lets just wait if Bin Laden goes on vacation, and then catch him”.

    2. How come no one has a problem with terrorists. People get blown up in markets, buses, and their homes, and people still people blame America for going after them? We freed thousands and thousands of pple from supression, and we’re still in the wrong. Ask the millions of girls who can actually go to school now, how they feel. Have there been rapes? Yes, but don’t judge a whole country by the actions of a few. Women had NO rights, NOTHING. Many horros stories of how children as young as 5 being forced into slavery there, but thats all fine and ok, as long as its not India, right?

    3. Ofcourse. You cut potential dangers before they manifest into real danger. Hitler was no danger until it was too late for millions of people. Attacking the problem before it starts prevents tragedies, and countless lives. It may not be popular, but I’m guessing saving lives, might just be a tad bit higher on the priority scale than popularity.

    4. Again, going back to the theory, if you are armed, you are MUCH MUCH more likely to be involved in a fight, and with the amount of weapons now, its just setting a stage for WWIII. I’m not saying India, might be the problem, but some country like Korea could be with a radical leader.

    5. Heard of Kosovo? Thats Albania, we went and bombed the crap out the place, and freed millions of refugees from that country. But does anyone care? No. We’re just being selfish. Vietnam? Tried to help South Vietnam from being taken over by communism, and other than thousands of citizens dead, we got nothing. Yes, did we have oil on our mind? Ofcourse. This was costs Billions, and BILLIONS of dollars. I don’t exactly see India or any other countries putting much money into a fight against terrorism, now do I? Is India not against terrorists? Or would they just like to ask for help and somehow pocket the money, like the millions who got cheated in the tsunami crisis, where various countries gave millions upon millions, and what happened to that money, other than making some select few government officials rich?

    ——-Learn to count, its not as hard as it may seem———-:D

    6. The ISI? The same intelligence agency that took 15 years to find a dude with a big mustache inside their own forest. yeah, real good example there. He lives in mountains, we bombed it. We went in wit forces, but we had to recieve local help from the something tribes there, and they sold out.

    7. Yeah, ofcourse there are no Indian terrorists. Like that guy that blew up Air India (I think Kanishka) was no Indian. There are Indians who are terrorists, Americans, Pakistani, Chineese, whatever. Every country has them. My question is why isn’t India doing anything about terrorism? One of the fastest rising economies in the world, and look at the problems you have with terrorism. Again, if America had asked India for help instead of Pakistan, you wouldn’t have a problem.

    8. What the heck you talking about? The 3rd grade teacher was like a metaphor? Clueless in Banglore? 😀

    9. Pakistan actually can’t attack America with nuclear weapons because the distance is too long. So if we attack Korea, we have the start of WWIII. The defense systems against nuclear weapons pretty much prevent anyone in that area of the world to go after American soil, unless they can launch from some other parasite site. (I’m supprised the ISI is still at work considering its 2 in the afternoon there, :D). But when intelligence is saying Osamma is in Afghanistan, why do we want to attack pakistan?

    10. Actually, you tell me how Iraq has helped America. C’mon, go ahead. Don’t tell me oil. We’ve gotten nothing out of it, and the freaking gas prices go up here. We’ve invested billions and billions of dollars, and seen the value of the dollar take a nose dive. We’ve lost countless soldiers that were killed by suicide bombers.

    What did they gain? Freedom from a dictator. Or were you fine with him killing innocent people? Or kidnapping girls as young as 10 to be inprisioned as his sex slaves? Or that women had basically no rights in the country? I’m sure if you were living there, you would have been tottaly fine with that. Again, the if it doesn’t happen to me, I shall ignore it theory. Like malayalee parents theory: If you ignore it long enough, it will somehow go away. The problem there is now, there is too much freedom there. People fighting over power in a democracy. Could we have performed the task of shifting power better? Possibly yes. But the people are much better off with democracy than without it. Again, India wanted freedom in 1947, and I bet everyone in India was happy. Now that this is not in India, its America being selfish.

    11. The UN is powerless. Its not mainly becuz of America. Countries like Iraq and other countries IGNORED the UN plan to regulate nuclear weapons, so ofcourse America had to then over-ride the UN. Again the US gets a selfish picture, when I see India doing nothing but corruption inside the government. They do nothing to curve terrorism in other countries, and cry foul when America helps an enemy because they wanted to end terrorism in Afghanistan. You think India wouldn’t the money and resources had America offered it to them? Ya bet they would have taken it, and half the government officials would have moved up on the tax bracket.

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