Maggie and i

Today was one of the best days ever…n weird days too!

i was a bit antsy at college n on an impulse decided to go to my friends place….well it is a 12k ride from coll to her place but i jus wanted to get outta that place do it didn matter that it was 11 in the afternoon and really hot…

i also impulsively stopped at the anglo-indian cemetery at adugodi…which was very creepy….i wanted to park my bike and typical horror movies the caretaker came n tol me i cud park inside..i did…and the next feeling i cannot explain…maybe its psychological, cos i don believe in spirits….i walked up the path (i must admit it was beautiful) and then everything felt surreal… i was seein everything thru a camera…i started panicking (as a reaction) and pushed myself to continue…and then i saw a body being lowered…and i cudn breathe…ther wer some alarm bells ringin in my head and i cudn figure out y i was so alarmed..some instinct tol me to leave…i mean its such a beautiful place…y wud i wanna leave…but it was a completely surreal experience…

but the good part is, i landed up at my friends place n it was like old times….her daughter was at her mums place so i sat n bugged her 2 yr old son..hes soooo adorable!hee hee…wen he walked i wud walk with my feet on either sode of his legs…i walked behind him n if he stepped with his left foot i wud do the same next to his…..

he likes the balcony and i got a call from a “friend”, and after the call, he wouldn let me go in for lunch! he held the door closed so that i cudn go in!we then put him to sleep n watched an old rajesh khanna movie ‘souten’…

he got up at 4 and we decided to go to renderzvous for some snacks..well a lot happened 🙂

hee hee

we were quite the bunty and babli in college…with a famous five twist of course! hee hee…good times!


~ by tia on May 9, 2007.

5 Responses to “Maggie and i”

  1. So you bugged the kid for hours?

    Can someone refer Mrs. Maggie to a good psyc doc for the kid? Thanks a lot.


  2. *blah
    poda poda..pinne!

  3. I bet that kid wakes up at midnights screaming now, trembling and tears rolling down his eyes. Look what you did!!!!

  4. *blah
    blah!!!oooof!no he does not! he loves me 🙂

  5. How old is he? 2? See, he doesn’t know what he is taling about, 😀 Wait till he eats something you cook, MUAHAHAHHAHAHA

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