My favorite poems

I never thought id be the one who’d end up loving poetry….i mean wen i was a kid i read a lot, but not too much of poetry…

But then wen i decided to take english Lit as one of my majors, i was exposed to the amazing world of poetry….we read hughes, larkin, lawrence, tennyson, wordsworth, keats, yeats, browning (both husband n wife) ,hardy…..

There are two..actually three poems that are my eternal favourites (apart from dante of course!)….

They are:

Eve of St. Agnes by Keat:

This poem is based on the legend that on the eve of st.agnes if a girl sleeps before midnight facing the ceiling she would see her future husband in her dreams. Madeline and Porphyro are in love with each other but their families are against the match. So on the eve of st Agnes, Porphyro sneaks into madelines room and well bein a naughty boy that he is watches her undress and as she falls asleep he plays a song to wake her up and….yada yada yada…she wakes up from the spell and well they run away together, galloping into the mist…


Lady of Shallot by Tennyson

This has to be one of the most tragic poems like Miss Gee….Lady of shallot is shut up in a tower cos shes cursed and cannot look out into the world but observes everything thru a mirror…one day a very cute knight called lancelot passes thru shallot and she gives into the temptation of lookin at the world without the mirror….the curse falls upon her and the mirror shatters….she then gets into a boat and awaits death…and sings her swan song too….her body is recovered next mornin floating in the boat….and the guy lancelot well being a guy, doesn even realise she existed! sheesh!men!!

Rape of the lock by Alexander Pope


~ by tia on May 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “My favorite poems”

  1. eeeeeeeew, poems, eeeeeeeeew

    Yeah, bash men in poems too, sheeesh women!!!!!

  2. *blah
    hee hee thats r prerogative…!

  3. Yes, poor men. Good and innocent creatures tortured by carnivores known as women!!!!!!

  4. *blah
    and r men any better!they r such b*****ds with only sex on their minds…if the movie monster happened its bcos of men!

  5. Yes, blood hungry creatures!!!!!!!

    Is sex such a bad thing? You make it out like its some sadistic ritual killing of the masses. Don’t be jealous ammmachii, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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