Random Thoughts

Why do i like dave matthews band so much? I have no idea…is it his sexy liquid voice complimenting the amazing music? I must admit i do like john mayer and jack johnson too…think ‘your body is a wonderland’, ‘daughters’, and ‘better together’…

I absolutely love ‘Crash into me’….nevermind the lyrics!

Why are we women so romantic?? And wat is it bout online relationships? I mean, u cant find the rite guy around u think ud ever find one u cant see?? Perfect situation: The movie, youve got mail….Thats perfect, not possible….

Another song that i love: New York Nagaram….

New York nagaram urangum neram, thanimai adarndadhu..
In the moment when NewYork city went to sleep, loneliness caught me..
Paniyum padarndadhu..
And snow spread all over..
Kappal erangiye kaatrum karaiyil nadandadhu..
(It was so lonely that) Even the breeze got down from the ship and started walking on shores!

Naangu kannadi chuvargalukulle naanum mezhuguvathiyum..
Inside the four glass walls, me and a candlelight
Thanimai thanimaiyo.. Kodumai kodumaiyo..
How lonely… how trecherous…

Stanza 1

Paechelaam thalaatu pola ennai uranga veikka nee illai
Oh beloved, you are not here to put me to sleep with the lullaby talk of yours
Nilavin oliyin mutham thandhu kaalai coffee kudukka nee illai
You are not here to kiss me in moonlight and give me coffee in the morning
Vizhiyil vizhum dhoosi thannai naaval edukka nee ingu illai
You are not here to blow my eyes when dirt falls into my eyes
Manadhil ezhum kuzhapam thannai theerka nee inge illai..
You are not here to clear the confusions of my heart

Naan inge neeyum ange, indha thanimaiyil nimishangal varusham aanadheno?
I’m here & you are there, In this loneliness, minutes have become years!
Vaan inge neelam ange, indha oovamaiku eruvarum vilakam aanadheno?
The sky is here & the color blue is there, Why did we become an example to that simile?!

Stanza 2

Naatkurippil nooru thadavai undhan peyarai ezhudhum en pena
My pen wrote your name 100 times in my daily planner
Ezhudhiyadhum erumbu moikka peyarum aanadhena thenaa?
Just as I wrote, ants came from all over, did your name turn into honey?

Thanx Varun Nair

(P.s: Take notes Blah! hee hee…)


~ by tia on May 1, 2007.

9 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. Meh

    I don’t like either songs, Dave Mathews band sucks. And that Ny Nagaram song sucks too, I still don’t get why you like it.

  2. *blah
    i like it bcos the words make sense n r nice..n the music is good too..admit!its an A R Rahman song…

  3. I still think it sucks. A lot of songs make sensible words, but the music that accompanys it ruins it. Also its tamil, so I have no clue how exactly sesible these words are, :D, but I digress.

    Rahaman has gone down a bit. I don’t like a lot of his songs lately. Its like, he gives half hearted efforts now. His songs in the 90’s were great, and you liked them as soon as you heard them, but now, its more blah.

  4. *blah
    oh and u r the king of which place??

  5. I’m the King of ALL places.

  6. blah… blah blah! dnt understand ur taste of music :).

  7. *blah
    u wish! poda poda lol

    was that meant for blah or me??
    if its meant for blah lemme tell ya that pig doesn get good music even if it hit him in the face.. alle da??hee hee…

  8. i agree to you… it was meant for blah! but that was too much for him….. ha ha !

  9. *varun
    hee hee…hes a sweetheart 🙂 he doesn take offense that easy 🙂

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