Random thoughts 2

1.My friend Nylon believes im lookin for the perfect guy…and according to him, quote: “Guys are not perfect”

Hee hee…i dont want the perfect guy, i want the rite guy (thanx monkey :))

2. Why do women get bitchy wen jus sittin around? Veds n i landed up at Mcs today and we saw this girl in a short skirt… And we trashed the girl!! More importantly why?? I mean of course all i said was: shes the kinda girl that gives us girls a complex…lol….and then we were tryin to figure if she was fat…and then we carefully watched the Mcs manager bcos he cudn take his eyes off her legs…lol…and we started laughin…

Wat meanness comes about wen women get together?? I mean im all for it, wearin wat u feel sexy in…u go girl!

Hmmm but i think thats the curse this city and its people have…they r caught between the New and the Old….They wanna wear short skirts, but cant…wanna make out in ice cream palours, but cant…they wanna intro their roman catholic bfs/gfs to their hindu parents, but cant…wonder how bad the outcome of this strife will be….


~ by tia on May 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “Random thoughts 2”

  1. 1. Nylon is right in one sense. Every gal looks for the perfect guy. But there are no perfect guys (except for me ladies, except for me, so keep sending them letters, :D) out there. So whats the catching point? Some women are faster learners than others.

    Didn’t I tell you that was YOUR problem. Your stuck between modern and traditional, with a heart that tells you to go modern, and a brain that tells you to go traditional. A LOT of Indian gals go thru that, dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t.

    but enough sympathy for women:

    So you Mmiss fashionable, see a girl in a short skirt and bash her? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? Its women like you that ruin a perfectly windy day. Hahahah I’m just kiddin. But why would you bash a girl for wearing a short skirt?

  2. *blah
    1.so u do accept that the perfect guy is a myth (including u)??
    2.thanx for summing up my dilemma :/
    4.u kno y…bcos in a place like blore, unless u r in a pg 3 party a short skirt brings in a lot of unnecessary attention..trust me its very sad!

  3. 1. what part of “Except me” don’t you comprehend? 😀
    2. any time girl, anytime
    3. men abuser!!
    4. a pg 3 party? maybe she likes attention? 😀

  4. *blah
    1.except u doesn work here
    2. : P
    3. pig!!babe the pig lol
    4.maybe she does…

  5. 1 Yes it does.
    2. Ur cooking (Hey, I had to say a joke, hahahahaha)
    3. sadistic carnivore
    4. U bettcha, was she wearing black panties (which means she was looking for some special attention)

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