TIAra Production

I was so bored because there was no electricity at home (yes in bangalore there seems to b electricity only for two hours in a day), so i sat on my bed and took a video of the view from my bedroom window…the video is pretty grainy and shaky but i added music!! Some crappy ringtones that come free with phone W810i were added (i tried really hard to match the music to the action)….and i proudly uploaded onto you tube under the name TIAra Productions….(lets play pretend 😉 )

The second video i took was on the way to my brothers apartment. It looks like thers a jump cut but thats bcos of the speedbreaker on the road…and i couldnt keep a steady hand bcos the whole ride was a bumpy one….

I tried editing it on the phone but was quite difficult cos well its a phone and not a PC…sadly i dont hav any AV software to edit n add better music so jus stuck to the ones gives in the phone…

But there ya go! MY production co’s first few videos!


~ by tia on April 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “TIAra Production”

  1. the first one’s music realy got me to expect a 1920’s movie to unreel.. 😀 the second(much more professional..prodcutions and all..good going! 😉 ) got me to LOL wondering if the auto-wala just might have thought u had this huge crush on him and was trying to shoot him through that mirror 😀 😀
    PS: i have a salwar of the color of watever u were wearing.. 🙂

  2. *Di
    Hee hee…i had to choose between that music or two other music files which were worse…
    The auto guy must be used to weird people by now!!lol…
    hey thats a fab india kurta,a weird pink-purple that they r famous for 🙂

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