Happy New Year…

Well todays Vishu or the mallu day of excesses (monetarily and in gluttony!)

So far my days been ok…collected a dissapointing 250 bucks  and had some awesome avial n rice (without the pmupkin of course!).Kno wat wudve kicked ass this vishu??some kal or toddy muhahaha…aren i precious??lol…

Waitin to go to my grandparents place n collect more..n jus sit next to my grandmum with my head on her shoulder n watch a mal with an ageing and fat mal actor say – savari giri or some crap like that…

Here r some mal msgs i got (i admit i did hav a lil trouble decipherin em!)


kaikkudanna niraye KANIKONNA POOKULAM

ormachepil VISHUKKANIyude dheeptha smaranakalumaai veendumoru VISHU

hridayam niranja VISHU aasamsakal.

(which goes something like handful of dead flowers/murdered flowers(in literal translation but in reality is a kind of yellow flower) and some memories (?) and heartiest new year wishes..)

My fav cousin (prashu):



pinne orupidi..

konnapoovum manasil nirachu orupadu snehavumayi…


(this ones easy:first line has a famous rice powder brand…so use that and use a moon lamp and a lot of killed flowers and with a lot of love in my mind a.k.a heart wish u happy new year…)






pinne orupidi

konna pookalum

manasil nirachu





(ok the first thing is the mundu thingy…then cash (its aaall bout the money baby!)..laughter…then the dead flowers (man v r a morbid race!) and lotsa love in my mind happy new year…)


~ by tia on April 15, 2007.

5 Responses to “Happy New Year…”

  1. thanks for the translation…i sent it without understanding it wht the lines meant.LOL…

  2. : )

  3. *Ancientmariner
    hee hee yeah had to read it many times to understand mal in english!

    : )

  4. i know..im way too late..steeped in work..but for all its worth..hope u had an amzing vishu! i love the kani-seeing thingy.. :)) and ur disappointed about 250 bucks? i didnt get anything 😦 didnt visit any relatives his time! :”(

  5. *Di
    i did…sucked but well it was bearable 🙂
    yeah me too…and a happy waaay belated vishu to u too 🙂

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