Wacked out

 I hav totally wacked out i believe!lol..y u ask? heres y…

 1. As soon as my mum got a new sim i called my dad and said ‘yaro idhu,yaro ninu,yake nivu karithaidiye??’ (who is this?who are you? why you calling?)in a very angry tone..and dad bein dad didn recognise my voice!!lol

2. I was ridin to office after fillin in petrol. I saw a kid standing outside the ganesha temple and praying away like thers no tomorrow, and the evil in me cudn jus shut up. I screamed at the guy while speedin off “dont worry you’ll pass!!” lol…i cudn resist!

3.My friend K in chennai is the one i kinda crib bout anything and eveything too..hes quite a sweetheart..so yday i put the caps lock on sent him an IM thru gmail/gchat: HI CUTIE PIE…hee hee…i was hoping his colleagues saw it and asked questions, but sadly he sits in a cubicle…

People in my office do not kno bout my fun side or my wacky side…i do hav my share of playin the fool..ask al/blah, he knows…i have scared him enough!lol…


~ by tia on April 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Wacked out”

  1. Actually I never asked why, I was quite sure u were wacked out before, 😀

    Pppppppuuuuuhleeeeease. U never fooled me. How about this blog, when u tried to spin this off as a “friend’s blog”, or taniya, or ur B-day, or tia being ur real name, MAUHAHHAHAH. But its ok, I understand, when women talk to me, they lose their sense of reality, I understand, I have that effect on women, 😀

    Oh u got ur pink scooty back? Huffin and Puffin, holdin up traffic on ring road eh?

    Ur friends have weird names, K? wat kinda name is that?

    So lets get this straight, U text ur mom all nite, and u call ur dad for pranks? A little bored eh? Life on Line 2, please pick up. MAUAHAHHAAHAHH

    Yes, I’ll be here all week folks. 😀

  2. *blah
    oooof!oh pls..lol..ive scared the hell outta u so many times!
    no no wen women talk to u they kno ther r better guys out ther 😛
    ooooof…intelligence on line 2 you pls pick up!!

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