Cuisine culture

Today i had decided to get my hair cut much gainst my brother’s wishes…but landed up at a bengali restuarant!

See the parlour was closed and we were jus walkin wit no goal in mind n i kept buggin mum cos i was hungry. Mum suggested that we go to this bong restaurant, and i was game cos i love tryin new cuisines (tho its not very new to us, cos my mums best friend is a bong).

Its a small joint and was set up after the ‘davangere benne dose’ restaurant closed. At the bong restaurant we had a piece of fried fish which was pretty tasty (but ther is a reason y kerala food is popular!)… it was covered in bread crumbs, mashed potato and masala and deep fried. A bit bland, undercooked and oily for my taste, but it was nice. Next we a had a typical bengali chicken roll. It had way too much garam masala (and no coconut, omg!!lol…jus kiddin!) and wasn spicy. But the mughalai paranthas are awesome…one a day can keep a doctor at ur bedside but it tastes amazing! Its parathas covered wit egg and stuffed wit chicken and then deepfried. We topped off the dinner wit Rosgollas (my favourite!) but was a dissapointment, esp wen compared to K. C Das’ rosgollas…Ami disappointed!

Wen we finally got back home our neighbour had sent over some paani puri (My fav again!). It was completely homemade – even the puris wer made by her at home! Finally i ended up bein the pani puri walla, linin up my bro and mum and stuffin the pooris wit aloo mixture and dippin them in the amazin pani and givin it to them. My mum actually brought me a spoon so that i cud spoon the water into the pooris!!hee hee…

Mmm im sittin around like a satisfied cat that jus had its fill of cream 🙂


~ by tia on March 25, 2007.

6 Responses to “Cuisine culture”

  1. Ok to whoever reads this: There are direct quotes from the story:

    “Mum suggested that we go to this bong restaurant”……”my mums best friend is a bong”…….”Its a small joint”……”set up after the ‘davangere benne dose’”

    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    So to anyone who reads this, should I make fun of her for this? Or let her off the hook this time? Your call. C’mon c’mon, don’t be shy, 😀

  2. 😦 😦 You get me soooooo hungry and craving for the roadside food we get in Bengal!!

  3. ki cholche tia baby…kemon aachis..

  4. ok now i too should shoot out a restaurnt

  5. got u really got me hungry now! :O

  6. >one a day can keep a doctor at ur bedside
    That’s a good one. And such a friendly mom you have,i bet 🙂

    P.S: why don’t you move to live journal ?

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