AI update: Sanjaya is still in!

Sanjaya still in AI!!ha ha ha….this is jus too amusing….

But wat beats that has to be this:

Its a hunger strike by a lady called J to get Sanjaya off the show!!

Starvation for sanjaya

Somehow i pity the guy…this has been far from a joy ride for him….


~ by tia on March 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “AI update: Sanjaya is still in!”

  1. in mine humble opinion, i think Sanjaya is a verry verry good artiste. He has all the qualities that go into a grammy on debut. he has great hair. he has a great smile. he is young. he has great hair. apparently the girls love him. he has a ready market which he (or the record label that exploits him) will exploit even if he does not make it further. and…he has great hair. he needs to brush up a lot on his voice because he cannot sing. might not make it in AI, but elsewhere, since when has that mattered? and yes, who needs a singing voice when you have great hair?!

  2. *shenoy
    yeah and he has great hair!lol….
    hmm r u sure u can market sanjaya??bcos i think a good singing voice is necessary…apart from good hair!

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