Race against AI

What is sanjaya still doin in AI??

See im not the kind to dis a brother, but he is really not talented….

I think everybodys freaked out bout racist remarks n racism after the whole ‘shilpa shetty and the big brother’ affair…. Wen it was simons turn to give his feedback on sanjaya he diplomatically answered by drawing attention to the crying girl…and wat is wat that girl??she kept cryin thru the whole performance!(see this is why the Krishna Mission is doin so well!!)

The question is, how is it that he has managed to stay in the race so long? All the indians in america must be voting away like crazy…either that or the producers are a bit scared of startin another race controversy…


~ by tia on March 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “Race against AI”

  1. Yes, I sit here, make a million accounts, and vote for Indian stars on Idol. MUAHAHAHA

    Sanjana sucks, which isn’t a bad thing, just not in singing, muahahahahahahhahah

    But I don’t really watch the show a whole lot, its becoming watered down. The first few were actually good, and had great talents, where now its becoming more of a tv show with twists and turns rather than pure talent.

  2. *blah
    hee hee so u admit to it!!i knew Indian-Americans weren too sensible (or bright for that matter) wen it came to their kind…

    And its sanjaya u fake…hee hee
    Tho i must agree that its becomin a reality drama, instead of bein a talent show

  3. Have you seen Sanjana?????? Its a girl, they need to do a gender test!!!!!!!! No guy can have hair that gay.

    I think he has compromising pics of AI idol producers having sex with vegetables and common household items or something, because there is no way he deserves it.

  4. *blah
    lol ha ha ha ha…good one….hee hee he seriously looks like a pretty boy….
    hee hee…he must have!
    Let the conspiracy theories begin to multiply!!

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