Highway star

I love it and I need it
I bleed it yeah its a wild hurricane
Alright hold tight
Im a highway star

– Deep purple, Highway star

MUSIC: P.O.D ‘youth of the nation’ and Deep purple ‘Highway star’

PLACE: Inner Ring Road

SPEED: 60+ (That is as fast as my scooty pep can go!)
Every evening esp if im outta office by 6.30, wen i get to the ring road i jus open throttle and let the wind soothe me. That is wen im in my element.I wish we didn hav to wear helmets in blore, cos it prevents my hair from flyin in the wind…u kno wat i mean!

I love ridin fast…speed is my poison. I kno bangalore has had a campaign- ‘speed thrills but kills’, but trust me its like a cigarette…You kno it aint good but u r so f**kin addicted, you cant help doin it…..

Speed is my speed….

Wanna kno how to enjoy it? get up early on a sunday mornin (that wud b 8 a.m.) and go to the inner ring road which is empty then, open throttle and look up n ride…watch the planes fly by…feel the wind in your face….and hav P.O.D/Deep purple playin in ur Mp3 player….

(Statutory warning: Speeding on city roads could lead to accidents= injury or death….children below 21, do not try it! Do not ride with mp3 player on, you mite lose concentration, and mite lead accidents….)

P.S: doesn that sound like a moralising cig pack??


~ by tia on March 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Highway star”

  1. Whatever keeps you away from the kitchen, I’m in favor of it, 😀

    So you go 60? oh wow, stop the presses!!! Thats like what 35 mph. I’ve seen pple do that on bicycles, lol.

    For anyone who is too lazy to go to ring road, here is what it usually looks like around 8:03 sunday morning:

    Camera 1: Takes a shot of backed up traffic, as the camera climbs from the bottom to the top of a truck, with the navigator hanging out the door, yelling profanities

    Camera 2: takes a face shot of people out side their windows yelling and screaming in various languages (yes subtitles will be present in the dvd)

    Horns honk and bells ring

    Camera 1, advances forward over the traffic, as we go over cars, trucks, tractors, and auto-rickshaws.

    Camera 2 caputres an old lady on a bicycle yell profanity, get upset and accelarate through narrow pathways, up over hills, and flies down from a ledge on back to the road:

    Camera 1: re-introduces her in Ranjini style, with back ground music and dancing midgets included.

    Camera 2: introduces in slow motion, our heroine, sushamaachiiii. Listentin to her Ipod, and chuggin along on her scooty (the lara dutta into from Dhoom 2 plays – “Don’t you wanna kno me, love me like a lady, c’mon c’mon baby”)

    Camera 1: with digital audio captures the old lady cursing at sushamachiii 4 times over in 2 languages and a 3rd language she makes up out of frustration (sorry we don’t have subtitles for the 3rd one, but you can ask the old lady yourself next Sunday)

    The first episode of High Way Staaaaaaaar (Adiyada Symbol!!!!)

    A griping new soap opera that looks into the lives that are affected by a slow scooter, (heard of the butterfly effect? This is the sushamachiii effect). We delve deeper than ever before, going into uncharted territory of how Sushamaachiiii effects you. Watch at 8 am, Sunday Morning, at the Ring Road roadside theatre.

    Next week’s episode: Sushamachii experiments with riding in reverse to feel the effect of wind on her hair backwards!!!

    Stay tuned….

    Now we return you to your regularly scheduled BS about how this is a great blog, 😀


  2. *Blah
    Oh god!!!ooooooooooooooof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*shakes fist at blah*

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