Romance anyone?

Today i landed up at landmark to do some shopping. See im not the clothes shopping kind, jus let me loose in a bookstore n im the happiest. I went ballistic in the stationery section and bought two notebooks. One is so cute, its called the coffee book, it has recipes and empty ruled sheets to pen ur thots while relaxing with a cup of coffee…how cud i resist!

Then i went to the book section and since i was moody decided to on an impulse pick up a historical romance. I asked the lady at landmark for the romance section and she promptly pointed out to the fiction section!!lol….

I had to decide between erma brombeck/P.G Wodehouse and a trashy M & B called ‘A noble captive’…well trash beat feminist/classic humour….!


~ by tia on March 17, 2007.

4 Responses to “Romance anyone?”

  1. Those are some cheesy books u nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “A noble captive”? wtf kinda books do u read? lol

  2. nooooo..mills and boons shud b banned!!! really…its teh most atrocious ,impractical, farthest-from-reality books tht cud possibly exist! Ive just read one of thsoe and still havent recovered from the trauma! :-/

  3. *blah
    u n talk bout books??its a bit scary to discuss bools wit u!!

    i kno!i still havne finished it…its soooo borrin…

  4. Thats fine, don’t discuss BOOLS with me miss spellin bee, lol

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