Nike hits a six with new ad

JWT has helped Nike hit a sixer with its new ad. Nike,normally not associated with cricket seems to express its desire to look at India as an important market. I’m sure most of you have seen the ad, but i hav heard two theories as to where it was shot: one says that it was shot in Kolkatta, and the other says it was shot in mumbai.

The jingle is catchy. Its a konkani song, and jus goes with the whole action. It gives a goan touch and makes u wanna join the players on screen. Guest appearances by Sreesanth and Zaheer Khan add to the action.

Absolutely love the combo of good jingle and awesome visuals. Its a job well done.

The lyrics in Konkani go like this (Courtesy Kunal’s Blog):

Rav patrao rav
Khedong maka di mhunta aao
Khedong maka di na zhalya
Tuzho kortelem patlanv

Khedoch amche oslen
Kednanch ravonk nosle
Undir matracho khed yo kosle
Maka bhogta oslen
Arre maaroon, dhoroon, phodoon
Saiba noshib mozhe phoslen

Which translates (Courtesy Rediff) :

Wait, partner, wait
First let me play
If you don’t play, I’ll keep chasing you all day
Our game is like this only
Where we have no time to think
It is the game of cat and mouse
That I have begun to love
And in the falling running breaking
My destiny is entwined

Download the original folk song from here: Bebdo

Heres the video:


~ by tia on March 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “Nike hits a six with new ad”

  1. LOL, Konkani hits the headlines perhaps for the first time in the history of Indian cinema. The words dont look quite right though.

    You Konkani though? I am !


  2. Its a good ad, but its lifted off some other ad I saw here. I don’t remember the ad, I think it was promoting gatorade or something, but it was very similar.

    Ok ok, to tell you the truth, I couldn’t find anything to make fun of you in this post, thats why the logical answer, 😀

  3. *Guns a mal…hav many mangy friends tho 🙂

    hmm…which ad?lemme kno…

  4. it was shot in Karjat…every bit of it is a set…a friend at nike was involved in the production…it is the first time nike has come up with a TVC exclusively for the indian market…

  5. *Karjat is on the outskirts of Mumbai…

  6. *Kunal
    hmm yeah…and oh its all a set??wow!
    hmm karjat…

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