Misplaced PMS

This morning i needed motivation as huge as an elephant to get me to work. I jus cudn figure y i was feelin so down…

I have this theory that i feel this way because its a potent mix of monday morning blues and p(re)ms….

I am now high on caffeine thanx to three glasses of strong coffee in two hours, cos i jus cudn keep awake…

So i picked up my phone and called my support group – all my sisters….and my friend shru and i ended up talkin for 15 mins durin office hours and that was a mood elevator, my mood went from ‘horrible’ to ‘yes, i c the light at the other end of the tunnel,but it could b a train’

Im terribly moody…i go from bitch to sweetheart in less than 6 secs.

Now-a-days, my attitude is pretty much a dont care attitude…its like im high on something and don hav my feet on the ground…i dont care a damn wat ppl say bout me anymore..i jus pretend like i jus lost connection wit mother ship and hav my eyes all glazed over…

And recently my friends were shocked because i hav actually bcome silent…that doesn stop me from putting my foot in my mouth yet im relatively quiet…i used to b such an extrovert but im such an intovert…u wudn even notice me…wudn even kno im in the room…im like a shadow…


~ by tia on March 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “Misplaced PMS”

  1. 6 seconds eh? Thats a conservative estimate.

    Aaaaaaaaw, look at that, look how the mighty have fallen, ahahaha. You quiet? Are you sure you made chapathi with the right white powder? lol

    Me against the world attitude? Do you like walk right by tourists who ask you directions (not that you would actually know them anyway, but I digress)? Like those hindi movies, with a depressed heroine, who keeps walking in the middle of a main road, waiting for a hero to come and save her from the impending truck heading her way. Cheesy!!!

  2. Arree…its ok yaar..u can afford to be as horrid as u want to be then, think about it…u cud actually blame alll of it on the hormones! That my dear is a whole world of opportunities.. 😉 And do beat up anyone who dares to say it isnt so bad.. 😉

  3. *blah
    lol…yes i am quoet..i take time…im like a tigress lol..i survey first n then attack…
    No sweetie don need no heroes to save me…

  4. Hahahaha I heard a joke, and since I have nothing better to say:

    Whats the best job in the world? A lion.

    All you do all day is, have sex, sleep, and send out your woman to get you food. Your the Kevin Federline of the Savanah!!! What could be better than that? 😀

  5. *Di
    hee hee…not exactly working wen u r an intern!
    lol…would love to!!

    guess wat?wen u hav nothin to say, don say anything!!lol

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