Dear Superman

Dear Superman,

I kno you miss your only friend on this planet a lot but wat the hell is a phone for you cheapo! Atleast giv a missed call and id kno you r online n u need to talk….

We have known each other for a year now and i still dont kno bout wher you change into your cape n stuff…lol…kno wat i mean? jeez dude this is a subtle msg, dont tell me thinking is your kryptonite??lol….

I miss your special powers, don get ideas – im talkin bout ur ability to make me laf n smile…

How do we communicate since u live in another part of the world? I kno u cant fly all the way….and telepathy is one of your strengths…you thought i was thinkin of my phone when i was actually thinkin of gettin stoned lol…..

But i do miss you sweetie…and i kno u r cranky cos ther is a hole in your costume and people don take u seriously….

But guess wat? u r still my hero……till James Bond comes around…

Take Care




~ by tia on March 12, 2007.

8 Responses to “Dear Superman”

  1. Hahaha I’m a poor guy, what can I say? But why don’t you call me miss richie rich? huh? huh? huh?

    Suuuuuuuuure, I know I have special powers, its like the ability to control women. I actually have a secret plan to control women, even since the debacle that was reshma, but I’m not telling you, because you would blab to every girl shopping with her mother at markets, and set back mankind 15 years, lol.

    But whats with the no shows lately? Did Nylon steal your laptop? Or r u too busy waiting on shruthi gettin coffee for her manager, to talk? 😀

    C’mon online earlier, remember sleep is baaad (its great for me, but enough about me), so wake up early, and instead of cooking, invest in outside food, 😀

  2. Nice discussion. Dont wanna intrude [:p]
    So laters….

  3. *Blah
    yeah ok…rite….whos shruthi??hee hee…
    Hah iw udve called ya for ur bday but i was too busy bein pissed of cos u forgot my bday…weve been friends for a yr and…oh im so hurt by ur actions!lol

  4. *Guns
    hee hee…

  5. Unlike you rich pple, I have to be on a budget, just its a hard knock like for (Me). 😀

    Shruti? Thats that gal, that doesn’t talk at all because her manager makes her get coffee every other minute. I think the time I met her, she said 4 words (“Hi”, “hold on”, and “bye”).

    I DID remember your birthday, u just told me the wrong day. I called up Kannada Birth Certificate office and confirmed with them too, and they told me, you were born on the 16th. Ask your mom, why they told you the wrong date, 😀

    Aaaaah yes, I do have a tendency to give psychiatrists work after gals meet me, because I make them go crazy, 😀

  6. *
    ooof shruthi..hee hee…will u leave mah sistah ‘lone??
    No u didn..after so many hints, u forgot…ooooof!im still steamed…
    ok u psycho…

  7. Hahaha fine fine, I’ll let her pay homage to her manager, 😀

    U didn’t hint anything, all u did was laugh, when I told u the date. Ur b-day is the 16th, I annoint that day as ur birthday, 😀

  8. *blah
    poda poda….i kept hintin n u never got it!

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