Short story – One

She looked at the papers in front of her. They were next to coffee mug that contained coffee that had turned cold. She held the pen in her hand and wondered what to do. It was her property. And then she remembered all the words that were thrown at her. Guilt was something that had always haunted was her second shadow. She had just ten thousand rupees in the bank. But I guess this was more important her brother had a whole family to support. She was still single and 38 — a written off case. It was times like these she wished that the only one she loved hadn’t left her. He was everything that she had wanted…everything that she had looked for in a man…but I guess it wasn mutual. It broke her heart when he told her he had fallen in love with somebody else. And the girl was so beautiful, the kind any man would want on his arm. And she walked away. She had no choice….it was a lost battle.

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~ by tia on March 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Short story – One”

  1. Lousy story, don’t quit your day job, 😀

    Interesting, but going with the theory that most of literature comes from experiences, why would you tred down this path? Aaaah I get it, realizing ur an ammaachiiii now? 😀

  2. *blah
    oh im so gonna kill u…..
    Hmm not exactly as elioty said we can also write bout things that we dont experience – viz fantasy or imagintaion…

  3. Uh uh, suuuuure. I believe you, uh uh.

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