One listen i learnt today… We are all lookin for heroes.

My colleague and i had an arguement bout who was better, batman or superman? She likes batman cos he is human, while i felt that batman was just james bond in a cape (or vice-versa) and that superman had superhuman powers and thus was superior.

And then i realised…we are all looking for heroes..in one form or the other, to save us. Some look at god as their hero and others humans. And women look for men to save them…no they aren r heroes…but v d love it if they wer!

I guess every woman wants a guy to step up and say ‘hey baby, i will save you’, of course in a romantic manner; we love the damsel in distress bit…. of course we dont admit these facts but we think em and expect you to kno em…

When we women are in trouble we expect r guy to make things alrite…im talkin bout physical dangers and troubles due to other women generally typically bein bitchy…

i kno wat y’all r thinking: A feminist blasting her own kind??

I am a feminist in the sense – women shud b guaranteed safety and respect.

But comming back to the main point of this post, we do want r guys to step up and save us….and wen that doesn happen we get pissed (the irony here being we scream we don need em, yet…). See we expect any guy, never mind hes r guy or r brother to hav the basic courtesy to step up and help a woman wen shes in distress. And trust me if u dont u hav hell to pay…..

Saturnine diva: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


~ by tia on March 10, 2007.

6 Responses to “Heroes”

  1. In related news, The Wall Street Journal is reporting the rise of superman capes sales in and around Banglore.

    Ok, using my superman skills (Yes ladies, I’m not just a superman in the bedroom, :D, hahaha ok ok, I couldn’t avoid that one, it was set up too perfectly), I’m guessing you want a man to beat up your “colleauge” because she disagreed with you right? I kno, I’m good, 😀

    Ok, enough of reality, onto more trivial stuff:

    Women expect men to know stuff that are NOT obvious. Or be on their every call. Look at marriages for instance, women claim to want equal share in responsibilites and love in a relationship. But how many times do women give up their “bad” habits in relationships? You see women accuse men of not changing for love, but how much does a women sacrifice in a relationship? Do women give up taking 5 hours to buy a single dress just because a guy gives up watching a game because of her? Does a woman get the same crap if she forgot an important day? What do women sacrifice in relationships, that warrant men to do the same? I was watching the tamil movie “pokkiri” (with my fav tamil actor vijay), and it had one scene which I thought was great. The girl asks the guy to get rid of his seemingly troubled friends for their love, but when the guys asks what she had done for him, other than meeting him, smiling, and calling him a few times, she is stumped. I know, tamil movies aren’t exactly filled with moral values and human insight, but I thought that sequence was good. Its always the guy that has to do stuff in relationship, but women get a free ride for just being there. Why is it that, women want equal rights, yet special treatment when it comes to sacrifices, because face it, love and marriage is basically a clumination of sacrifices that are made because of affection.

    I want the TRUTH!!!!!!!!! I CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. test

  3. “no they aren r heroes…but v d love it if they wer!”
    LOL..im sure they’d love it if they were too.. 😀 But i wonder y they are soo lost on stuff which is sooo obvious to us,all of the time! :O

  4. Aaaaah no response there sushamaachiiiii? Did I stump you? Its ok, I understand, if you feel like you have no answer, 😀

  5. *di
    oh don b quick to that conclusion!they r pretty smart wher thay wanna b…its only wen it comes to women they pretend to b dumb…

    i will pretend i did not read that!

  6. Whaaaaat? Sidestepped it again huh? Huh? huh? Its ok, I know you won’t answer it because there is NO ANSWER!!!! MUAHAHAHHAHA

    Just deal with it, women are cruel creatures of comfort, while us poor men are abused beings taken advantage of. 😀

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