Walk your opinion

This year on International women's day, March 8, Blank Noise supported by Radio Indigo invites you to WALK THE NIGHT!

Women seldom can enjoy the streets of the city after dark, it is unsafe, they are constantly harassed or their folks get all worried if they do not get home before dark. The objective of the walkathon is to enable women walk the streets of Bangalore after dark and to be able to enjoy the same.

We are meeting at rest house road, ( off brigade road) park at 6 30 pm. The walk begins at 7 pm. We conclude at 9 pm.

Please contact us immediately at:

 walkthenight@radioindigo.fm or 9900177919.

 blurtblanknoise@gmail.com or 98868 40612

Bring along your friends, family, neighbours anyone, any age group!

Fun. Thrill. Action. Guaranteed!

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~ by tia on March 7, 2007.

9 Responses to “Walk your opinion”

  1. Meanwhile, Sushie will be tucked into bed at 8:30 PM, by her mom, and as usual she will light the nite-light, for her comfort. 😀

  2. *blah
    so fenny eh??
    this is a serious issue n a good cause…

  3. its not funny..i wasnt tryin 2 b funny either.. its just another hurdle.. y stop at 9 oclock is my ques.
    why..cos shes gotta put her babies to sleep.. bloody 9 is too early.. go home later..walk longer.. hav more fun!
    y stop at nine.

  4. Albeit, being a goos message, I still have no clue, how this would help actually solve the problem. Are these hecklers and abusers, NOT going to do the same, just because you walked on a particular day until 9 at nite? Are they suddenly going to grow a consicience, and say, “Heeey that could be my little sister, so I won’t heckle her”? Yes, it sends a message that women CAN do it, but its pathetic that people have to organzie a mass walk-a-thon for women to be out at night.

    Maybe a bit more police potection, or tazers, or something, will actually SOLVE the problem, instead of just sending messages. Great, u walk at nite, good, u want a cookie? How about you come back around the same time tomorrow? Thats what those people will be saying. Honestly, a week from this event, would you feel more comfortable walking the streets at nite because you took part in a walk-a-thon? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    The issue is serious, and its a good cause, but its not a solution. Its treading water. The only thing good that pretty much comes out of this, is bringing attention to it, in the local media, and somehow someway, the lawmakers, and/or police decide to help out. Other than that, it seems like a morale booster at best to me.

    To solve the problem, there are better approaches, but if getting the message out there is the aim, then it seems ok.


    Hahahah so ok, honestly, you going for this walk? uh uh.

  5. Hey, I wrote a thoughtful account about this, why was it blocked?

  6. Ok nevermind, it was just slow to upload, scratch the last post, 😀

  7. hey that was an interesting attempt…read it a day later though.. 🙂 Hope u had a great day though! 🙂

  8. *Blah
    I did go for the walk!hmm i guess the walkathon was being used as a starting point to get the authorities attention to the issue.
    Yes child b patient lol and scratch the last last post???smart idea!

  9. *Di
    Yeah it was a great walk… 🙂

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