I absolutely love some of these indian english movies. Some memorable ones r monsoon wedding, flavors, american desi…and ones like Harold & Kumar and statetroopers.

But i absolutely love this movie called flavors…its about the plight of indians in america and in the midst of all the confusion is the love story of a cute couple – Karthik and Rachna.

But this movie is also special because the guy Karthik reminds me of my friend Blah. No, we are not in love wit each other but he is such a good friend. I tell him anything and everything, i crib and crib and he listens, and when im feelin down he makes me smile, nevermind his jokes can b irritating sometimec, cos it prevents him  from listening to what im saying!but i believe he helped thru a very rough patch in my life…u cant not smile at his jokes…and he taught me to smile when i thought i could never smile again, when i believed there is nothing to smile about…

Thanx buddy 🙂


~ by tia on March 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Flavors”

  1. great frnd! 😀

  2. Yes Yes, please please stop clapping pple, oh ladies, stop it with the roses, 😀

    Well thanks Sushi, u been a good friend too, for laughing at my jokes, givin some ammaachiii advice :D, and for being you.

  3. *raghu
    i kno!hee hee…

    *pinne pinne roses it seems!lol
    and stop callin me that!!!

  4. Always helps to have a backup team, doesnt it? Not everyone is so lucky though. MAybe you can aim to be a backup team for some unfortunate soul yourself.


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