Celebrity skin

Arite im ready for plastic surgery…

Any channel ready to sponsor a reality show wher i get a makeover thru plastic surgery im ready! call me 😉

I always knew that ugly bettys and jassis don hav it easy but this makes me rant more! I think its better to be dumb and pretty than to be smart and ugly.


Saturnine diva: Im so f***in tired i could be dead and i wouldn kno…


~ by tia on February 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “Celebrity skin”

  1. ah wat wonderful rubbish..its much bettr to b smart dan to b pretty.. havnt u realised yet?
    come on..cheer UP!

  2. Ur right, look how fortunate u are, ur dumb and pretty, 😀

    Self confidence issues again?

    Remember brain over boobs.

    Ok ok, who am I kidding, 😀

  3. there…there…

  4. *Raghu
    I jus entered the media biz and realised how not true that idea is…darn it, its like tellin a kid santa clause doesn exist!!
    but thanx for tryin to chee me up 🙂 u r such a sweetheart!

    and the truth shall set u free..

    sniff sniff *blows nose*

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