Must do

Now that i am plannin to intern at a radio station i hav decided to download the guitar/piano tab for any one song and practice till i can play the whole song…i decided on lithium but i cant find the piano tabs…anyone know wher i can download piano tabs for free?

So here goes by the end of this (next) month i shud b able to play one song on either the keyboard or guitar. Will spend time till end of feb to search for tabs…and start practicing from march first….


~ by tia on February 24, 2007.

6 Responses to “Must do”

  1. u can get guitar tabs at ….no i dont play it but a friend does.. hope that helped.enjoy!! 🙂

  2. nirvanas lithium?

  3. *Di
    yeah but i do want piano tabs more than guitar tabs 😦
    Thanx 🙂

    Nah lithium by evanescence

  4. I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Go to, then click on the MLB link, and right there, you can see it, for everyone. You get to enjoy the wonder that is……………………………BASEBALL!!!!!!


    You learning piano now? wtf? U nerd!!!!!!!!!

    So ur gonna be playin piano on the radio? where do u work, W-Mozart FM?

    Like people aren’t irritated enough with not hearing their favorite songs, they gotta listen to u messing up every other key? lol jk jk

    5 bucks on Sushamaachiii givin up the Evanescence song, and starts playing “I kno I can” bu Nas, hahaha. Only blog readers please, and immediate family members of sushi are excluded from this gambling ring.

  5. Hey, wtf, why is my comment awaiting moderation? Huh? I demand an ANSWER!!!!!!!

  6. *blah
    ha ha ha…serves u rite for bein a meanie…muahhaha…
    N no playin the piano is not bout bein nerdy its bout bein intelligent 😛
    and i am interning at indigo…

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