I jus realised i cant say goodbye! i met ancientmariner yday and wen v said r goodbyes it was so awkward and abrupt…rite da?hee heee….

as i was ridin back today i was jus thinkin of it and realised i cant say goodbye…esp to people u r meeting for the first time. I mean look at it this way, u aren sure u r gonna meet em a next time so ‘see u later’ is kinda ruled out! And by this time u r friendly enuf to chuck the formal ‘ it was nice meetin ya’ dialogue. This is not the first time ive noticed this.

I remem almost a yr ago one of my frnds dropped me home…well almost home, and we jus said ‘ok’ and he rode away and i walked home!!lol….

I mean i think im so scared of sayin anything more lest the guy thinks im interested in him or im hittin on him…

well honey, im still an old fashioned gal at heart, u gotta make the first move 😉 hee hee

So how do u say goodbye to a person u hav met for the first time and u guys r too shy too exchange nos but like each other a lot…or already hav each others nos but wer meetin for the first time?


~ by tia on February 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “buh-bye”

  1. Aaaaaah don’t worry kids, the love expert is here (ah thats ME BTW)

    Say Tah Tah, 😀

    Or you can ofcourse fake something, like, hey do you know someone who can do something (I dunno paint a bike), and be like, can you call me, when you find out, and give them your number, so obviously when they call, you get their number. Then do the whole thank you, life saver, blah blah blah, and she’s hooked, 😀

    Works with ringtones too.

    You can say, take care, astela bista (or whatver), adios.

    Women, especially indian women, just get too nervous around guys, they just can’t handle it, 😀

  2. hehe…actually i had started off with ‘it was nice meeting you and bla bla’. when u said ‘bye, m getting late’ and vamoosed with ur scooty…and I murmured ‘see you later’..donno if you even heard that…
    thanks for the ride BTW…[:D]

  3. *blah
    oh shut up, v dont!well hmm ther is only one person who i wanted to do that too….john abraham!!lol

  4. *ancientmariner
    yeah i heard ‘see u later’…hee hee…well u didn say much! so i thot that was ur goodbye lol

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