I am miss Jones

I watched bridget jones’ diary for the nth time. And yesteday bein valentines it was something that brought relief. hee hee…i remember my friend once calling me Bridget Jones, but i have no idea y she refered to me by that name. It cud b either bcos im overweight or bcos i am supposed to b a flirt (oh pls!)

But i watched the movie again and i went like ‘oh yeah, i kno how that feels’. I believe Bridget Jones is the epitome of the urban woman bw 20 and 40. She makes all the classic mistakes,is confused, is an escapist, has a horrible wardrobe (in my case its more of lotsa wardrobe malfunctions).

The best way i can illustrate how similar v r, is this recent incident….

Hee hee..remem the scene in BJD where she goes to office in a transparent top and short skirt or wher she lands up at a party in a playboy bunny suit? Well in my case i landed up at our college seminar in a transparent sari, which wasn pinned up (therefore scandalous!) and didn realise till looked into a mirror during the lunch break…! don ask!

But i felt better after seein her goof up relationships…cos i hav goofed up quite a few too…

But sadly ther is no darcy in my life, darn it! Theres been a few daniel cleavers in my life…actually jus one…hmm kno wats the best thing bout the daniel cleaver in my life? He taught me a few things bout life..bitter lessons…

where is the perfect man in my life????


~ by tia on February 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “I am miss Jones”

  1. awww.. its k.. he’ll find u

  2. *raghu
    ooooh thanx raghu…hope so too 🙂

  3. arre if it was soo easy to find him god knows we’d have found a couple of them each.. 😉 but theres always hope.. 😀

  4. *Di
    i believe hes non-existant…or maybe like big foot u jus c him types…u can tell ur frnd – i jus had a perfect man sighting!!

  5. Please Please, did someone say Perfect Man? *Ahem* *Ahem*

    WTF, how many movies DO you watch? Between studying, commutting, sleeping, friends, blogging, phone, how much time do you have to watch these movies? Its like you watch one every day, lol.

    I still don’t get the transparent sari one. What, you didn’t wear a top? But nevertheless, the next time we talk, remind me to make fun of you for this, 😀

  6. *blah
    lol ha ha ha ok…
    yeah v watch one every afternoon… 😛
    ooooof!of course i was wearing a top stupid!i need to tell u sooo much wen u commin online next?

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