Movie Magic

Ive watched four movies over the week and three of them blew my mind…

The first is Thelma and Louise….we had to watch this movie for cinema studies in class, and i have to say….

One of the most Kick @ss movies ever! I saw this movie a few years back but didn really understand it back then. But after bein jaded wit and by life i totally went – woah! I think its every womans fantasy that is played out. Every time uve met a pig (read: guy) i bet u have wanted to throttle him wit ur bare hands and hope the disgust u felt in ur mouth would fade….

Lord of War

Thisย  is a peek into the life of a black market gun and ammunition dealer. It is a must-see movie. Nicholos Cage as Yuri Orlov as usual delivers (sorry bout that pun!). The first scene is Cage standing on a field full of bullets wit a war or a fight going on in the background. He is dressed in formals in a black suit and tie and holds a briefcase. The movie takes us thru his rise and fall, his gains and losses. He is a man who is aware of the impact his actions has on the society but also wants money, and loves the chase. Ethan Hawke plays the disgruntled FBI agent who is out to get Orlov. The movie bravely shows the wheels within wheels in the society and stands up and makes the protagonist points fingers at people the world has not dared to before. But sadly as all activist movies it has lil impact apart from creating a sensation because the world seems to hav given up cos it cant handle the hypocrisy…besides ther are too many things wrog with the world to set it rite.

I love this dialogue: The first and most important rule of gun-running is: never get shot with your own merchandise

This the official site:

Lord of War

This is the story: Wikipedia

I finally got around to watching The Constant Gardner. This was one movie i was sceptical about. I cant say its pathbreaking, but is very good in the manner the whole movieis taken. The cinematography is good. The realtionship between justin and tessa is dealt with carefully giving it a tender feel. Second, the movie moves back and forth in time and seems to parallel the past and future, yet doesn lose the idea of the movie in all the instances of the relationship between the couple or in the instances of tessa activist behaviour. Justin, the diplomat seems to use gardening as a way to fight the realities he is aware of but wants to turn a blind eye to. There is parallelism between Justin and tessa in their very personalities, Justin being the quiet, diplomatic gentleman and Tessa the frank, in-the-face activist.

The fourth movie and the most overreated movie of this decade has to be the departed. What ever happened to martin scorcese? This movie if it did receive any attention it is because of martin scorcese’s reputation.

Its the typical donnie brasco type story wher a cop masquerades as a bad guy and joins Jack Nicholsons gang. Meanwhile Nicholson the Mafia boss has an informant in the police, in the special investigation unit, that is out to get Nicholson. Eventually everybody gets killed, the psychiatrist goes psycho on her boyfriend and Marky mark doing a pretty ok job of bein a tough and clean cop gets the last shot and literally the last laugh.


~ by tia on February 11, 2007.

8 Responses to “Movie Magic”

  1. i saw.. 2 tamil flicks n omkara n scent of a woman yesterday.

  2. *raghu
    which tamil flicks did u c? Vetaiyade vilaiyade?
    oh scent of a woman awesome…omkaras good too…

  3. I saw the departed, I thought it was ok, but it was a bit overhyped.

    Thelma and Louise, please, a dumb movie, don’t be fooled people, it sucks, ๐Ÿ˜€

    Lord of War? meh

    Never even heard of the constant gardner

    So this is what you do all week? watch movies missy? Where is your mommy, let me tell her, ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. abbe.. i saw thalapathi.. rajni n mani rathnam vala.. n den pithamagan… surya n dat other guy wjom i like genrally..cant rmbr the

  5. *blah
    sneak!and thelma n lousie is nice u MCP…

  6. *Raghu
    oh yeah old movies da…pithamagan is quite senti stuff..and the other guy is vikram da

  7. hey Ive read the book the Constant Gardner…never even knew it was made into a movie!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  8. *di
    oh u must watch it…not sure whether its as good as the book but its worth a dekko ๐Ÿ™‚

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