Mid-day mentions sushieparlour

This blog has been reviewed and written about in yesterday’s (Feb 8th) Mid-Day, Bangalore edition, Pg 13 IT page. Its on the rite hand column.
For the uninitiated, the columns called Blog-o-cracy on IT ADDA page, by sunayana suresh.
This one, today:

Its titled: A mixed Bowl

and has my link: Http://thesushieparlour.wordpress.com

and this:
This is a blog i was recommended to read. I read the blog for 45 mins and it kept me hooked all through. The blogger talks her mind frankly and fearlessly. That’s what makes her refreshing. Check this post of hers for instance:
I am not an aerosmith fan or alicia silverstone fan, but i like her after these two songs by aerosmith and the movie ‘clueless’.

I think i like wat she represents: Rebellion and breaking rules. Trust me even tho im a control freak im crazily impulsive…and if i had the chance and the money i would have driven off like in crazy


Thank you, Mid-Day!


~ by tia on February 9, 2007.

7 Responses to “Mid-day mentions sushieparlour”

  1. OMG!

  2. *Raghu
    Omg??Omg, good or Omg, bad?

  3. OMG i dint get 2 c the vids which impressed mida day!

  4. *raghu
    raghu!!ooof…hee hee…

  5. Could pple stop using my name in vain? 😀

    Fot the astonished, here is a quick lowdown of how it all went down:

    Scene: Mid-Day office
    Time: Mid-day

    Our protagonist (sushie)
    Our antagonist (mid day editor)

    Lights, Camera, Action!!!!!!!!!!

    Sushie (on her knees): “Oh pls Oh pls Oh pls, pick meeee pick meeeeee, look at myyyyy blog, myyyyyyyy bloooog. I want to be in the magazine tooooooo, I’ll do your laundry for a week, pick meeeeeeee, pick meeeeeeeeeee”

    Camera 2, rolls to an annoyed editor:

    Editor: “See we only review blogs that have been recommended”

    Camera 1, roll to Sushie (getting up from her knees): “Oh Oh Oh, here here, my mommy wrote a letter saying it was as good as my cooking, oooooooh, beat that. And if you have ever tasted the blue and black chapathi I make, you KNOOOOOOOOW that is a huge compliment, so pick meeeeeeeeee, pick meeeeeeeeeee”

    Camera 3: take a span shot of other annoyed mid-day workers in the room

    Camera 2: Back on a growingly agitated editor: “Aaah, that isn’t the type of recomensation we’r looking for”

    Camera 1: Roll to sushie (make up artist, start the tears flowing): “Waaaaaaaaaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaah”

    Camera 3: qick glimpses of office workers laughing

    Camera 2: “Aaaaah that is not going to help m’am”

    Camera 1: Now in a temper tantrum (drum roll please!!): “Nooooooooooo NOooooooooooooooooooo (throw paper weight on ediotr’s desk out the window), Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”.

    Camera 2: a silent shot of a very scared editor

    Camera 1: Sushie, opens up her bag, and says: “Ok, here is a milky bar, you write about my blog, or I will personally shove this up (damn censor board) your nose, Kappish?”

    Camera 4: Roll to the main Mid Day computer and the letters typed ” This_is_a_blog_I_was_recommended_to_read_……._driven_off_like_crazy”

    End Movie

    Yes people this is a true story, a story of gripping heights, and drippin lows. Coming to a blog near you.

  6. *blah
    nice script…honey u r jobless!but much appreciated 😉

  7. 🙂

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