Bad ads

I saw the hotmail ad was horrified! that has Got to be this seasons worst ad. Its so bad that it doesnt even aid in recall as a bad ad. Sometimes bad ads also help in recall but this is one ad that aids in overlooking it entirely. it seems to be a last ditch effort to help hotmail. The problem wit hotmail is that it is so not user-friendly. It has small icons and is not simple to use. Use a yahoo/gmail account and a hotmail account, ull c the difference. And hotmails new look is also boring. They have tried to make it look like outlook express but it has only confused the users more (btw yahoo tried to make the same change to an outlook express like feel for its e-mail accounts but i don think it worked).

Another bad ad has to be the chantili wine ad. “Loves food the way you do”?? wat does that mean? Are they saying that it goes with most food? A wine ad has to be more sophisticated, never mind it mite b the ad for a cheap wine. See in india wine is still exotic. It evokes romanticism and thats wat has to be captured. The ad is ridiculous and does not help in recall at all even as a bad ad! It shows a freakish vine attacking and eating a hen and then the tag line – loves the food the way you do. It makes absolutely no sense at all!

But ther have been some good ads too. The best this season has to be the DTC ad. It is an ad that commemorates the launch of the forever mark. It is quite reminiscent of the original D’beers ads. It has Sushma Reddy and Akshaye Khanna as a couple.

Another good one has to be the tata sky ad wit lil einsteins. It has lil kids wit the distinct einstein hair including the grey colour. It uses kids effectively and put the message accross.

I tried to get the storyboards for the ads but couldnt find em…


~ by tia on January 28, 2007.

10 Responses to “Bad ads”

  1. i hate the wine wala ad rubbish! :X

  2. hmnm..bad ads wrk..dont dey?
    i mean the basic.. reason 4 ads is publicity..good or bad alll ads 2 publicitry..dnt dey?

  3. I didn’t like the wine ads much…contrast that with the Kingfisher print ads…both effectively said the same thing but executed very differently…dunno of the Hotmail ads…anyway, what do you do for a living Tia?

  4. *Di
    I kno!still trying to fig out the msg!

    but thats precisely the point im making – its so bad it doesnt even aid recall as a bad ad. Bad ads aid recall to too, but this doesn do that. I had to rack my brain while writing this post cos i couldn even remem the ads.

    yeah kingfisher ads are are bacardi actually. remem the song – “sipping on bacardi wine” (which later became swinging to bacardi blast)?

  5. So the world renown critic with the alias Sushi review, doesn’t like a wine ad? Who goes and buys wine or beer after seeing an ad? Like if you go to a bar, would really order a round of Coors Lite because their ad was funny? Alcohol is based on taste, I think for the most part, all they need to do is get their name out there.

    So everytime a commercial comes on, do you break out the pen and the pad, and start analyzing? lol Givin each commercials its own Sushi marks.

  6. aahh.. so its not soo bad..its mediocre.. somethin dat shunt stick 2 ur mind.. đŸ™‚

  7. I guess the mistake most creative people (may be u too!) in the advertising industry make is ignoring the numbers part. In their zeal to get outta the box, they ignore the demographics and psychographics of the target populace. As you said, wine is exotic in India. Even in the west, wine aint the same as beer. It’s more formal, more romantic, slightly feminine and goes with food. In India however, the cross selling of food and drink however hasn’t reached the critical mass. They need to be looking at associating intangibles with wine – celebration, love, prosperity, art…… Given that wine consumers are a tiny fraction of beer and whiskey consumers, they need to be looking at taking desirable elemnts in the lives of non-wine consumers, and entice them to consume wine. Wine needs to do to the non-consumers what chocalate does to the villagers in the movie “Chocolat”. They pro’ly need to make a 30 second version Chocolat. Food is probably the weakest assiciation they could have thought of building around wine.

  8. *samba
    first, thats true, food is weakest association to wine.
    second, but i think more than cutting into a martket that exists (beer and whiskey) try to win over the market that does not consume anything and believe that wine is the least alcoholic and is a luxury drink…i am aware that targetting the corporates and the upper and upper middle class would be targetting an existing beer market (and i believe it targetting this group would lead to a trickle down effect) but i think ther r is also another category that would prefer wine over beer…

  9. *blah
    hav u seen the haineken beer ad (wher guys walk in singing this ad is big ad?guess not its a german ad, but will embed it on my blog soon)
    see wine is still in its infant stage in india. Now the idea is to bring awareness bout it,and that can be done by catchin the consumers attn which can b done thru good ads. yes to keep consumers comming back u hav to hav a quality product, but considering wine is still being intro here ads r important.

  10. *raghu
    hee hee…precisely!

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