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On this glorious holiday at ten i landed up at college to set up shoot for the photo feature assignment. San came up wit the idea of the feature. See a photo feature is where photos are taken and put together as a feature wit v/o (voice over) and music. So we roped indi to be the protaganist for the story. Well the concept was simple: a girl is goin drink her mornin cuppa and how it is wasted bcos of diff things, and bout the cups of coffee we all waste. So we had to collect coffee mugs for the last shot which is a shot of all the cups we waste. We asked the hostelites and collected bout ten plus mugs.Since indi was takin time we took the last shot first in the coll conference room. and Since we had time i sat and took shots of mugs i really liked. I loved a black one while san liked a huge heart shaped one.

we were also eyeing the biscuits in the deans office!hee hee…

And then indi came after we had taken a few shots of the coffee mugs we had collected. We were using two cameras, different cameras for different angles. Wen indi came we realised that the place we had initially chosen for had bad lighting. So we searched for a good place she cud sit and finally found it. But we were relying on natural lite, so we had to stop sometimes and wait for the sun to come out. Everytime the sun came out and flooded the office wit lit wed scream- lite is comming!The whole session was, of course, peppered wit Pjs.

In one shot we had to show indi finding a hair in her coffee. The shot was such that it would show indi pickin up the hair wit the coffee mug in the other hand. So all the girls sat and tried to remove the loose hair that has fallen put is still stuck among the other hair (happens wen u hav long hair and u tie it up). But for our luck none of us had shed any hair. we wer sitting and pullin r hair for the free hair to fall! We eventually found few, but they weren good enough so we chucked it. instead we used the thread that was part of my frayed jeans ends. Thats show business baby!

The first shot as planned was of a coffee mug wit hot coffee. so the shot captured the steam to show it was hot. Wen we had to take a shot of the cup from above we needed coffee in it, cant take it empty then, as we wer doin all the while. And since the canteen was closed we filled the cup wit soya sauce! And now since the coffee had to be hot we heated it. Man the first shot (of the hot coffee) which we took last was killing. I had to hold the coffee mug while maroon took the pic (cos earlier we didn get the shot properly wit the steam) and it was burning my hands.

What was great was that tho maroon was doin the max photography we all pitched in and gave ideas for the angles and for settin up the shoot. Wen i had to sit for one shot i cudn stop lafing!and maroon wud go- stop lafin!

Was fun!

All pics r available on this link: (till i fig out how to put pics on wordpress…)


My fav mug


~ by tia on January 27, 2007.

5 Responses to “Photo feature”

  1. must’ve been fun!! wud love to c alllll the pics..if possible.. šŸ™‚ and the one pic u put up isnt visible.. šŸ˜¦

  2. hmm yeah still tryin to fig how to put pics on wordpress šŸ˜¦
    haven been able to cos busy wit editing and shooting the darn feature…as well as classes…

  3. So you took pics of coffee……………..and kids, you thought Eninstein needed a life, lol jk.

    Funny how you needed soy sauce, because you know, cooking coffee is so complicated, lol. I think this explains the bad tasts you get when you make coffee, hahahaha. A little bit if coffee powder, but Nooooooo, lets stack up on soy sauce, lol, shows the level of your cooking, incriminating evidence here. šŸ˜€

  4. *Blah
    dodo v cudn get any coffee cos the canteen was closed!

  5. Good planning ahead there, good job!!!!! I’m suprised you had film in your cameras, šŸ˜€

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