A family movie

I had gone today to my grandparents place cos we wer celebratin their anniv…

so mum and G’pnts decided to watch Achuvinte Amma which they had taped.

C im not a mal movie fan…and i decided to watch it cos i was bored…but pretty good movie i mus say!

The story is about ashwathi a.k.a achu, a civil engineer, who falls in love wit a christian lawyer ejo. She intro him to her mum vanaja, but wen her mum realises that he does not hav a family (cos his family had decided to suicide and he survived) she opposes the match cos she wants achu to hav a big family. Achu asks her mum bout her father and she is slapped. Angry at that she leaves home and goes to ejo, who tells her that wat she did was wrong. She leaves him in a huff and goes to stay at her boss’s place. Her mum appologises but she still doesn talk to her mum. Meanwhile her boss’s husb comes home and he is of a shady character.She leaves that place and decides to go to her mum’s frnds place- an old muslim lady, but gets ther to find that she is dead. She has an accident and ejo comes to the hosp before her mum does.

She still doesn talk to her and ejo appologises to vanaja for causing the rift. Vanaja then tells him the truth that she herself was an orphan who was taken care of by an old woman. wen the woman died she went from place to place working, often facing sexual abuse. Wen she was 13 she worked at a textile facrory spinning and dyeing cloth. The place was also wher young girls wher smuggled to the red lite areas of mumbai and kolkatta. Her she also meets a lil kid and becomes friendly wit her. One nite the factory owner on one of his routine smuggling trips, looks for vanaja to sell her too. As vanaja is escaping she sees the little girl and escapes wit her. She names the child ashwati and looks after her.

Despite having promised vanaja bout not tellin achu the truth Ejo reveals the past and achu comes back to vanaja to appologise. Vanaja blesses the couple and says that she believes that ejo and will live happily together. She also then intro them to another child she has adopted – veggie hawkers daughter. The lady wanted to marry another man and the child was an obstacle and Vanaja adopts the child.

I love the song, enthe paranyalum…The mum sings to the daughter…

Enthe paranyalum ne ende alle vaave

ninnu pengathe onne koode poovu poove


watever u say u r mine baby/child

dont stand ther angry and come wit me flower

(???? hope i translated that rite!!)


~ by tia on January 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “A family movie”

  1. I’ve heard very good things about the movie but never got around to watching it. I remember the congress party campaigning though,

    “endu paranjaalum idu congressinde naadu”
    (all said and done, this is the land of congress”

  2. *Ullas
    hee hee..yeah mals r really innovative in trade union strike and political rally slogans!

  3. Ohhhhhh Noooooooooo, u ruined the movie, Boooooooooooooooooo. Now there is no point in me watching it, good job now, Booooooooooooooooo, šŸ˜€

    I never saw the movie either, I heard it was boring, and Meera Jasmine isn’t high on my list, šŸ˜€

  4. *blah
    u aren on her list at all!!lol

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