Courage is not about overcoming fear, it is about not knowing fear. Courage comes in many ways, and most courage is divine. I think the toughest form of courage, is courage to accept yourself and to know yourself. Everybody has expectations. From ourselves, as well as others. It takes another kind of courage to accept the others the way they are. But before that you must accept the way you are. We’d love to be perfect. We’d love to be heroes. But know wat? Heroes and perfection are a myth. We are heroes in our own right. For example, I am hero in the fact that my writing style is distinct and nobody can write like me. I am not sayin im the best writer. But im sayin no one can do ‘me’. I am the best Tia that can be. I am a combo called: a 23 yr old, indian media student called Tia. And I am the best in that category.

It has been really hard for me to accept who i am. I have expected so much from me and hav always been achievement -oriented. But then one day after failing for the nth time i sat down and wondered why. You see i hadn accpeted myself for wat i was – including my limitations. I understood who i was, and wat i was all about and decided to live my life according to my own game plan, not wat others who didn kno me expected me to be. I had to work smart and thus work fast.

Every fall makes u look up and see which step you took wrong and which place you had to deviate. Never stand by a certain plan bcos u r stubborn and believe its the best. Be flexible. Cos the new plan just mite take you to the same place faster and in a better shape. Never be scared to say to yourself – i was wrong or i made a mistake. Maybe you dont want say it to the others but dont lie to yourself. Always be hoest to yourself. Because only then can you solve problems easily, cos wat u make of the problem or situation isn blurred by all your lies.

Im not sure god has a plan for us (cos i don believe in the basic premise that god exists) but we must realise that the others weren made to fit our idea of them and put them in the role we have in our mind. In fact in life its the other way around. People around us are in our lives for wat they can contribute in our lives, nevermind they weren wat u wanted or expected. When we place people in certain places we have kept for them in our minds, we tend to expect. And when these expectations turn out to be not real we are disappointed. For example, people sometimes have expectations of wat their parents have to be like or wat their children have to be like. And wen this isn true they aren dissapointed. Accept people that matter to you as they are. Look for something special in them. Cherish them. Love them for the little things they do, for the little gestures.

Redemption from an unhappy life is thru forgiveness. Forgive people for the little mistakes they make. Dont hold grudges over things that arent worth fighting about.

One lesson i learnt from one of my friend was to care for even your enemies. Empathise. This is a very tough thing to do. But u will soon understand why the person reacts the way he or she does. Unless a person has psychiatric trouble this helps in understanding the person u hate or hold as enemy. Im not saying here that you shud love ur enemies. Im sayin care for them, give them a thought. Cos they are humans too.

Love is one thing that no one can break. Here let me mention True love. Love can conquer all. Im not talking bout love between a man and a woman. Bcos such relationships hav many dimensions (which i will deal in my book!!!). Im talking bout basic love between parents and children and amongst siblings. Such love cannot be broken easily, if its true. But the problem wit such love is that its not easy to find. With the increasing no of divorce cases and children isolating from their families it is difficult to find such almost unconditional love. Unconditional love is possible thru trust.

Trust yourself and your instincts. Sometimes the heart makes a better decision that your head. A certain decision mite seem logical but if your instincts say – ‘bing bing bing chose the other one!’ you do it. In the present business scenario, businessmen give as much credit to decisions made by insctincts and gut feeling as ones made thru logical thinking.

Be ready to stand up to face the consequences of all the decisions you make. Make decisions that You think is rite and stand by it. Dont ever let anyone make you doubt your decisions. If you think its rite, stand by it. This comes thru trusting yourself completely and letting You take control.

Never be offensive. Be defensive, and only when necessary. Dont unnecessarily be defensive. It shows u aren sure of yourself. If you have a choice to be offensive or defensive, be defensive. That way you can watch your opponents moves before you make yours. Be offensive when you think time is of the essence and you need to take a stand.


This was something i wrote after reading an article in readers digest by Oprah. I decided to write something inspirational but i guess it turned out like a cross between who moved my cheese n deepak chopra books.

And Deepak Chopra, call me 😉

Do you guys believe you can relate to any of this?

Thot so. Its because what ive dealt wit is very abstract and general stuff anybody can relate with. It all wat you knew but didn hav enough business acumen to put it down maybe in a story form and market it. We all want some club we can belong too and someone to understand us and thats wat self-help books do…and so do horroscopes. They are so general that anybody can relate with it. These are the bigger truths of life you always knew, if not clearly atleast instinctively.


~ by tia on January 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “Courage”

  1. gud sush gud really…well organized thots….

  2. *vidya
    thanx!wen u starting ur blog?

  3. yes…sush….I’ll start that soon, I guess….
    today I was going thru sme malayalam blogs also for the first time…
    Really I wanted to start it today itself…..
    but a busy day…….nyway it’ll happen soon….: )

  4. I absolutely can’t relate to this, aaaaah my head hurts from all this fantasy talk. 😀

    Had to throw in that athiest line in there somewhere huh? lol

    Ok ok, I forgive all you mistakes.

    wait wait, its a long list, so takes time to delete, 😀

    You’re writing a book? Can you say NO LIFE? lol jk jk

    Good article though.

  5. *blah u kno who
    omg is that last line a compliment??wat is the world comming to??
    honey thats wat i am…an atheist…

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