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Whatever happened to all those technology magazines that were available in india? Pc quest, CHIP, Pcworld, computer world… I just checked out the website for chip magazine and saw the nastiest comments posted at their forums. One guy has posted pictures of thongs for men (!) and has used such horrible language abusing another who guy who has replied to the post. Our pal who has replied to this post is apparently a mallu geek and has abused the thong guy in mal!!hillarious! and shocking! Totally in bad taste…im surprised the moderators didn c it.

I eventually realised that there seems to b a slump in technology and IT magazines (correct me if im wrong). There used to b a time wen my bro used to swear by CHIP magazine and later Linux For You. He used keep 100 to 150 bucks jus for the magazine every month. I guess eventually the information disseminated thru these magazines were not of a good std. I.e it was ok for freshies but not for senior level technology people. I guess google also had a huge effect on these magazines. Why would anyone want to read an article on something you can research yourself? you get more than basic and limited information thru google. These magazines were earlier for niche market – the techies. But now-a-days techies’ interests hav branched to other things like biking, music, travelling, trekking, etc.

Thus the niche market has grown smaller. And only the loyals or people who are not from a tech background and wanna kno more bout it really read these magazines.

And the chip forum i was talking about….

Chip india forum 


~ by tia on January 14, 2007.

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