What an end to my birthday!

Phone rings.



Where u, da?

Im in office…

Oh ok….

Its ur birthday todays isn it?u didn remind me…

yeah U didn remember! It was on orkut….

Happy bday! I don sign into orkut, its blocked in office, u kno that…i remembered cos i jus got a story on Dravids Bday…

Hmm atleast in that u way remembered!And btw u call at 12 in the nite…

Its 11.20…

Oooof yeah ok u called wit 40 mins to spare nevermind…

So wat did u do?

Nothin i was sick…

hee heee…K me got to go now, im actually on a break…

Bye, tc da

bye hav a nice day

That conversation took 1 min 44 sec….but it was nice cos that idiot remembered!hee hee…


~ by tia on January 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “What an end to my birthday!”

  1. I disabled my b’day on orkut and most of my friends forgot :P…but it didn’t matter much since I am not much of a birthday person anyway.

  2. *Ullas
    hee hee…happens..guess u lose close frnds as u grow older, and most of ur colleagues are so stuck in their own world, they cudn care a damn bout others bdays…i guess thats wher a HR in a co. is useful…

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