No me ames…..

At one point i was totally into learnin spanish…i still want to cos ive forgotten quite a bit and my vocab im gonna relearn spanish..someday..real soon….

I love this song, no me ames cos he says:

y tu asi serias
lo que yo de mi reflejo

We are like a mirror image of each other
we are one and the same

she says:

Tu y yo partiremos
ellos no se mueven
pero en este cielo
sola no me dejes

If you and I part now
it won’t matter to anyone else
In this big world
don’t leave me all alone


loco testarudo
no lo dudes mas
aunque en el futuro
haya un muro enorme
yo no tengo miedo
quiero enamorarme

Don’t be so hard-headed
Stop doubting me!
It doesn’t matter what the future holds
I’m not afraid
I just want to love you

(hope ive matched the translations rite!)

This song also reflects wat i feel rite now…

No me ames – Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony


~ by tia on January 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “No me ames…..”

  1. same here with french , i was pretty decent at it for 2 yrs and now i dont remember a thing.. 😦 all the best with ur spanish 🙂

  2. *DI
    thanx!i keep postponin learnin spanish & french and learnin salsa, don ask! hey any idea wher salsa classes r bein held in blore?

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