Oh how i dread this day!

I hate my bday…somehow it turns out to b the worst day…

It is quite a celebration of how shitty my life is….Yes im in the world diammetrically opposite to the world of everything freakishly happy and satisfying.

Troubles i have to face: (yes im cribbin, if u cant handle it dunk your head in the nearest toilet…i started this blog to crib and im gonna utilise it, so ther! )

1. have to get back my cell cos im gettin heat for it…think ill hav to grovel.

2. lotsa confusion bout whos goin to that stupid college that starts at some ungodly hour like 7.30 a.m. in some godforsaken corner of this city

3. my head hurts and my throat and nose seems to hav closed up due to common cold

4. its my f**kin bday tomro, its a day known for cosmic accidents and things goin wrong in a f**kin cosmic scale.

And all you guys who are of absolutely no use in providing guidance – Knl, Nylon (at least he heard me out!), fraudrigues (don even kno y u r mentioned da), AJ (wher the hell r u?? in church??prayin for wat, four-a-penny-beer day??), late-for breakfast-meeting-prats……..

mmm now i feel better…

Catharsis is quite therapeutic, i must say….


~ by tia on January 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “Oh how i dread this day!”

  1. hey…wish you a happy bday!

  2. Thanx 🙂

  3. hey sush mol…didnt i guide to thru tht path to happiness….even though i was gettin late for the meeting…

  4. *satan
    hmm yes u did da…i totally forgot bout it…
    guess im really pissed wit u cos i cant tell u everything, cos even if i did u wudn understand and even if u did understand u cant giv me insight in to the prob cos u aren from my coll 😦

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