Graveyard shift

Anyone wanna go for a walk in a graveyard with me at night?

I’m serious!

When we were in college, my friends and i decided that one day, soon (which never happened btw), we would all go for a walk in the cemetary in Ulsoor in the night. We were so kicked bout the thought but never got around to doin it.

Some later gave excuses like – my mum asked me not to go cos there is negative energy…..

Of course its a weird thing to do….thats y i wanna do it. I like pushing the limits….that can b seen in the way i ride!

Hmmm tho now i prefer the anglo-indian cemetary on hosur road, its really beautiful….and id like to go at dawn….when ther ism too much lite or too much dark.

I wud wanna go jus once to Kallapalli, cos thats where ashwin was cremated.


~ by tia on January 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Graveyard shift”

  1. So u like grave hoppin? Hmmmmmmm

  2. *balh
    no..its nice to walk down and wonder wat their lives wer like…wat the place was like…how similar yet diametrically opposite they are to us…
    may provide redemption of sorts….

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