Bad day

Alrite already! I get the point. Dont use the cell in class. I was in such a bad mood today cos i havent got my cell back which was confiscated on thursday. Pj sir is furious with me, which is pretty much justified…But with our seminar so close i need phone nos and other important info!

Hmm i was in such a bad mood, cos i was wonderin how im gonna explain to my mum that i don hav my cell wit me. I mean im seriously chill without a cell phone, but sadly all the important info is on my cell…

So i came to the lab and i wanted to blog while waitin for my friend who hasn yet told me what the plan of action is for going to the different colleges and puttin up posters.And i couldnt access my yahoomail which has the mail wit the blog info.I was so pissed and frustrated.

So i jus picked up my radio and started listenin to it. And Indigo was playing Daniel Powter’s Bad day (think thats wat its called!) and i started smiling. I realised i can get thru all this. I can get thru tellin my mum y i don hav my cell wit me and listenin to her scream. I can get thru not having contacts. I can get thru all that shit…atleast in this present high, i think so!!

And i was chattin wit my friend, and i totally chilled out…

And tried accessing my yahoo account after 15 mins, and i could access it!!

Goes to show things have a way of working out….


~ by tia on January 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Bad day”

  1. And all of a sudden a light appeared out of the sky,

    the seas parted,

    And a big Nestle Ice Cream Bar came screaming for u to enjoy,

    aaaaaah what miracles are made for!!!!!

  2. *blah
    who are u moses of mother dairy??or mother goose of cadburys??
    sweetie don use food to feel better đŸ˜‰ lol

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