Only I can do this….

I was busy chattin (IM) wit my frnd, wen the new samsung washing machine’s (with silver technology which costed us 4 grand extra!! and supposedly kills germs, yeah rite!) buzzer (which funnily sounds like a reliance phone ringtone!) went off. I jus decided to check wats wrong. I looked in and saw three new ten ruppee notes swimming in the machine next to my coll jersey!! I reached in wit great difficulty (cos the machine is huge and on a stand and i am jus 5′ 1″) and took out the water soaked yet clean notes in horror. Thankfully, they weren in pieces. Mum had apparently put my jeans for wash and the change was in my pocket and i had forgotten to remove it.

The next step was figuring out how i had got that change (c i don keep an account, im not that organised)….

I have jus realised how clueless im becoming! I was watchin the movie clueless and i realised that i was jus as clueless as she was! i recently have noticed an increase in ‘Duh’ moments. I mean i jus realised i am actually clueless bout relationships…atleast some relationships. And i come to like really wrong conclusions in some situations! and wen im corrected i go – ‘duh!of course!y didn i c that!! i really gotta start paying attention to stuff around me!

(Oh btw, the notes r now dry and if i probably ironed em out, they’d look like perfectly laundered notes! they r stiff and perfumed…)


~ by tia on January 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Only I can do this….”

  1. Yeah destroy that machine with u carelessness, UGH!!! 😀

  2. *Blah
    its better than destroying the couch by sittin on it 24/7!! 😀

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