Whee supermarket!

I jus realised i act infantile in a supermarket. I am quite the posterchild for retailers. I go crazy in a supermarket, which is y its good in a way that i’m not earning! I am less than a week away from turning 23, and i act 3 and look 16!

Today my mum and i went to the supermarket and i went crazy pickin up everything and anything. Of course the first thing i normally pick up are: Twinings lemon tea, bru cappucino, Hide and seek milano and bhujia if im hankering for something spicy. I love olives esp black olives, and sometimes gherkins in my sandwich (need to be in the mood for a sub).

So today i picked up stuff that i normally pick up and lotsa sauces and spreads. i picked up karen anands thousand island salad dressing, Karen anand mayo, tifys gherkins and olives, worcestshire sauce (u can make an awesome soya fry wit it), 8 to 8 sauce, amul garlic cheese spread, and….mmm yeah thats it i guess.oh yeah, i forgot, the english mustard too!

So here’s my recipe for an awesome and quick Soya fry:

You need:

1. Soya chunks or granules (not the beans)

2. Worcestershire sauce

3. Cornflour

4. Soya sauce

5. Chilli powder or chilli sauce

6. salt

7. water


Prepare the soya as given on the box i.e cook it in water with salt. Now prepare the masala by mixing the sauces and the spices including salt. You must remember that the soya is like a sponge and absorbs the liquid, so you have to be careful bout the amt of sauces you put. Normally one table sp of worcestershire sauce shud do. Squeeze the water from the soya and too the masala. Place this in a pan and stir fry. As it becomes dry add a little cornflour mixed water. Fry till dry and till the masala sticks to the soya.

For a good alternative, you could add slightly crushed green chillies instead of red chilli.

Hope you like it!


~ by tia on January 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Whee supermarket!”

  1. Some small quotes from this too keep cherished:

    “I jus realised i act infantile”

    “I am less than a week away from turning 23, and i act 3”

    Ohhhh the wisedom, so true sooooooo true, 😀

    And god, Sushi givin cookin advice? Wats the world comin to?

  2. *Blah
    ooooof!this comin from the kindergarten cop!!lol 😀
    and aj trying to make intelligent comments, wat IS the world commin to? lol

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